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2019 -Bookings Open !!

In case you hadn’t spotted yet – bookings for Curtains Up! 2019 are now open!!

2019 is going to be another really exciting year as we are moving to a lovely new site and starting up a younger holiday called Centre Stage!

We are really, really excited.

The new site is slightly smaller than previous years so make sure you get your place booked early to avoid disappointment!

Please note that if cost is difficult for you, we will always do what we can to help. Please talk to us – we’ve never had to turn anyone away due to money.

Curtains Up!
Age Range14-17
Crew ArriveSaturday 3rd August 2019
Cast ArriveSunday 4th August 2019 – TBC Mid/Late Afternoon
Cast LeaveSunday 11th August 2019
Performance at 11 finishing by 12 Noon
(Trains booked from 1pm)
Crew LeaveSunday 11th August 2019 – TBC Mid/Late Afternoon
Centre Stage
Age Range11-14
Crew ArriveMonday 12th August 2019
Cast ArriveTuesday 13th August 2019 – TBC Mid/Late Afternoon
Cast LeaveSunday 18th August 2019 – TBC
Crew LeaveSunday 18th August 2019 – TBC Mid/Late Afternoon

CU!2019 -> The Kingdom

Last year was “All Change” but the event itself was only the start of that – we are really pleased to let you know that we will be running not one but TWO events in 2019!

And we will be moving to a lovely new site. 🙂

Curtains Up! 2019 -> The Kingdom will return to (almost) its beginning in terms of age group. Officially this will be for those aged 14-17.
As a special arrangement, if you were part of the Cast in 2018 and will be 13 by the end of next Summer, you will still be able to sign up to make sure you don’t miss friends that you’ve already made at CU!

Centre Stage is the brand new holiday for those aged 11-14.
There is deliberately a duplication in ages as we have often had Cast members who brought a friend in a different school year group.

Both holidays will be running at Luckley House School in Wokingham – we went on a site visit recently and it looks like a brilliant venue for us. 

Curtains Up! will continue to be led by Alex Taylor, Em Rogerson and Matt Rogerson.
Centre Stage will be led by Rachel Vallance and Em Rogerson.

And the dates are provisionally booked in as follows (all times are to be confirmed):

Curtains Up!Centre Stage 
Age Range14 – 1711 -14
CREW ArriveSaturday 3rd August 2019
Monday 12th August 2019
CAST ArriveSunday 4th August 2019
(mid-late afternoon)
Tuesday 13th August 2019
Everyone LeavesSunday 11th August 2019
(12 noon for Cast but trains need to be from 1pm to allow for getting to the Train Station; later for Crew)
Sunday 18th August 2019

Please Note:

  • Cost is still to be confirmed. 
  • There is no provision for Cast to arrive early or stay late – and if Cast choose to book into both events, there is no provision on site for them between the end of CU! and beginning of Centre Stage (the only exception is where Cast have a parent/guardian on Crew)

We are really excited by this development! We are working to get as many of the details confirmed as soon as we can. If you do have questions feel fee to contact us but at this stage we might not know the answers yet