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CU! 2014 – It’s All Over

Curtains Up! 2014 – Change the world is officially over 🙁

It was another amazing year at Rendcomb. Most the Cast and Crew are right now probably enjoying a much needed lazy Sunday morning. ( I have to be honest as a parent to two mini-crew the words lazy and morning don’t go together very often! 😉 )

Unfortunately technical problems and the frantic business of the last few days meant that we were not able to keep you up today with what was going on. We hope you enjoyed the updates that we were able to get out!

For those of you missing CU!2014 or those of you who want a glimpse of what we got up to. Here is our official CU!2014 video

CU! 2014 – Day 5

Once again another brilliant day is starting to draw to a close here at CU!2014.

As I write this the evening meeting is still happening and will be followed by chill out time. I did hear talk of Chocolate Pizza tonight in one of the chill out sessions ….

Even thought the potential of chocolate pizza being AWESOME I still don’t think it will out-awesome the … erm awesome Under The Sea theme night that we had today.

The Crew did a fantastic job of putting together some very creative decorations for the theatre and planning a great set of games for the evening. However, despite their outstanding effort – they have been outdone by the cast who have put a HUGE amount of effort into their costumes!

We have got some great pictures – which unfortunately don’t show some of the best costumes as early on in the evening the crew were required to break out the water pistols …. well it is Under The Sea Night…

It turns out that if you build a submarine out of cardboard boxes … try to cram your study group inside …. and then run around the site trying to find little orange and white striped  fish (can you tell what we did there ..?!!) … well lets just say they don’t survive long … especially when attacked with waterpistols … It’s also safe to say that the team that decided a window was a good addition to a submarine … well it wasn’t a good idea ….

We are rapidly heading towards the end of our time together this year 🙁 It is great however to see things starting to come together. Both in the workshops and through time with God in the study groups and evening meetings. It has been an amazing time together this year and we are really looking forward to seeing what will happen the rest of the week!

Points for prayer:

Weather – it has been spot on for most of the week! It would be great to get to the end of the week with the good weather we have had so far. Especially as we haven’t  had our customary BBQ yet ….

Time – CU! is such a special time. Both Cast and Crew need to be able to get the most out of the increasingly limited time here.

Home – As we get towards the end of the week we start thinking about the realities of retuning home. Preparation both for those at home and for those returning home for everyone to best continue the journey that we have been on together this week.

Final Performance – The final performance is a collection of what we have been up to in the week. Getting it together can be a bit of a stress so peace and wisdom would be great for all those involved.

Thanks again for all of your support.

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CU! 2014 – Day 4

Curtains Up! 2014 Day 4 is rushing to its end here! We can’t believe we are already halfway to the end of the week!!

Its been another great day here – beautiful weather (but not too hot!!) , great food! , and lots of laughter !!

Today was another “normal” day so we had another packed day of workshops, meetings and … Stuff !!! We had another set of optional extra workshops today. As expected Swimming was a popular choice – but it was a difficult decision as the other options were chill out time with Alex – that included cookie making or the legendary one shot music video

You may have seen our one shot music videos before: CU!2013 One Shot Music Video
If you have been involved in one – then apart from Rick running around with the camera you will remember the voice of Jon shouting at you from behind the camera!! Sadly this year Jon couldn’t make it to CU!  🙁 … So this years video has taken a slightly different direction! We will have to see at the end of the week what it looks like! I managed to catch the end of the filming and can reveal that the tune for this year video is … Epic !!!

As a write this the evenings activities are still in full swing so I will post an update about tonight tomorrow … If that makes sense !!

But before I sign off for tonight a quick update about last night.

As one of the overall leaders here at CU! Last night was one of the times I realised how privileged I am to work with such an amazingly gifted Crew. The Crew running the evening ran a fantastic evening – but for me the really special thing was that they had the confidence and wisdom to change their plan for the night as it became clear that God was telling them to change things around.

God moved powerfully through the words and music of the meeting. As crew we always say that we expect God to do amazing things. Last night he did.

Points for prayer

  • Thanks – we are so grateful for what God has already accomplished this week.
  • Expectations – we expect God to keep doing amazing stuff but we need to remember to expect His stuff happening to His plan and timetable – not ours
  • Energy – continued energy to get the most out of this week.
  • Wisdom – for cast and crew to best use the limited time we have together at CU!2014

Thanks again for your support!

CU!2014 – Day 3

It’s day 3 of CU!2014 – where has the time gone!!

Today is the 1st of this years theme nights. Its the Board Games Theme Night!!

We have had a VERY creative set of costumes this year. Some are very complex an have clearly taken ages to put together. Others are simple but brilliant! My personal favourite so far are the people who came as scrabble pieces. Simple but brilliant!

We have had great fun playing giant versions of board games before dinner! We have got a giant version of battleships in the theatre, giant draughts, giant guess who (called guess crew!) and a not so giant but still good fun round of pictionary!

Dinner was up to it’s usual very high standard here at Rendcomb (Chicken and Mushroom pie followed by chocolate sponge for those who are interested! There was a Vegetarian option obviously but I have to be honest I didn’t catch what it was … Sorry I’m sure it was lovely!!) Once we had all had our fill we heading back into the theatre for a final Giant Game – Noughts and Crosses played with 30 people in each team and 16 chairs … It looked incredibly good fun. But it has to be said those that had managed to tuck away 3rd’s of the Chocolate pudding were not exactly moving around at top speed by this stage 😉

As I write this Tim and his team are looking at Stephen’s story in the evening meeting. If I don’t get chance to update later tonight I will fill you in tomorrow!

It’s been noticeably cooler here today – its now “just about right” – not too hot or too cold! Its been a great day so far – lots of very happy faces walking around site.

Points for prayer

  • Continued energy for the Crew and Cast so they can get the most out of the week.
  • That those that God is trying to talk with will take time out to stop, listen and respond.
  • Thanks for the great start to the week.
  • Thanks for the amazing Crew who are working so hard to make CU!2014 the amazing year it is.
  • Thanks for the Cast who are making CU!2014 so special.

Thank you all for your continued prayer support – we really appreciate it!

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CU!2014 – Day 2

orry for the lack of updates – we lost our very limited internet onsite on Sunday! Happily its backup now so we are doing our best to catch up.

Day 2 at CU! is slightly confusing as it’s our 1st full day!! Its also what we call a “normal” day – not that much is normal at CU!

Today saw the start of our workshops – with everything from Dance to Film, Visual Arts to Musical Theatre running across the site. The 1st workshops are always a really exciting time! The Crew get to discover what gifts and skills this years amazing Cast have brought to CU! It looks like we have, once again, got an amazing cast here at CU!2014

Day One also saw the start of our study groups. Many groups met outside – taking advantage of the lovely weather and the beautiful grounds here at Rendcomb.

It was also the 1st of our optional workshop slots. These are workshops that the Cast can sign up for on the day. We have previously put on a really wide range of sessions in here. Unsurprisingly the chance to have a swim in the lovely outside pool here at Rendcomb proved VERY popular!

In the evening meeting we looked at Peter. We heard about his path from denial of Jesus through to being on fire with the Holy Spirit. Zoe did an excellent “this is your life” style interview with a number of Crew playing the part of Peter though the different stages of his life. There was chance to respond in different ways to a number of questions that were posed for us to think about.

It’s been a great 1st full day here. So much to be thankful to God for! Prayer for continued energy and for people to make time and space to listen to what God is saying to them would be great.

Thanks again for your support here.

CU! 2014 – Day One

Oops … In all of the business of Day One we didn’t manage to get an update posted .. !

Anyway ! Day One at Curtains Up! Was the crazy, fun, frantic, special day that we have come to expect from Day One @ CU!

Despite the heat causing a few technical problems in the theatre we have had a great 1st day!

We had great fun playing a games in our study groups – involving spaghetti, jelly beans, post it notes, iced ring biscuits and of course lots of fun!

That evening we had a great time together in sung worship led by Jenny and Dewi. Alex and his team spent some time looking at Jesus and what he did ( which is a LOT to cram into an evening meeting!) We also heard from some of the Crew about what Jesus means to them.
There was then time to respond to what we had heard in a variety of ways. Prayer, sitting at a cross that Alex had made, writing a letter, asking questions and discussing with the Crew stuff that had come up that evening.

We then had the grand opening of the Tuck Shop – which if I’m honest wasn’t very grand but it was very popular! Followed by a chilled chillout time … Well … as chilled as a chillout time can be after the consumption of much sugary snacks!

It was a great day. Its been awesome to see the Cast and Crew having so much fun already. Its also been a real privilege so see God moving so clearly amongst the Cast and Crew.

Points for prayer – the weather is GREAT but the heat is sapping energy fast! So prayers for energy would be great!

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CU!2014 – Day Zero – Evening

The day is starting to draw to a close here at Rendcomb

The calm before the storm!
The calm before the storm!

. The Crew have had a packed day of training and prep ahead of the start of Curtains Up! 2014 on Saturday!

Its been a great day – not just because the awesome staff at rendcomb served us steak for tea … But it’s so exciting to see this awesome team coming together ahead of what is looking like being an amazing week!!

The Crew still has quite a lot to do so prayers for peace and sleep would be great!

We are really looking forward to welcoming the CU!2014 Cast tomorrow! If you are not joining us this year then you can keep in touch with what we have been getting up to here!