CU! 2014 – Day 4

Curtains Up! 2014 Day 4 is rushing to its end here! We can’t believe we are already halfway to the end of the week!!

Its been another great day here – beautiful weather (but not too hot!!) , great food! , and lots of laughter !!

Today was another “normal” day so we had another packed day of workshops, meetings and … Stuff !!! We had another set of optional extra workshops today. As expected Swimming was a popular choice – but it was a difficult decision as the other options were chill out time with Alex – that included cookie making or the legendary one shot music video

You may have seen our one shot music videos before: CU!2013 One Shot Music Video
If you have been involved in one – then apart from Rick running around with the camera you will remember the voice of Jon shouting at you from behind the camera!! Sadly this year Jon couldn’t make it to CU!  🙁 … So this years video has taken a slightly different direction! We will have to see at the end of the week what it looks like! I managed to catch the end of the filming and can reveal that the tune for this year video is … Epic !!!

As a write this the evenings activities are still in full swing so I will post an update about tonight tomorrow … If that makes sense !!

But before I sign off for tonight a quick update about last night.

As one of the overall leaders here at CU! Last night was one of the times I realised how privileged I am to work with such an amazingly gifted Crew. The Crew running the evening ran a fantastic evening – but for me the really special thing was that they had the confidence and wisdom to change their plan for the night as it became clear that God was telling them to change things around.

God moved powerfully through the words and music of the meeting. As crew we always say that we expect God to do amazing things. Last night he did.

Points for prayer

  • Thanks – we are so grateful for what God has already accomplished this week.
  • Expectations – we expect God to keep doing amazing stuff but we need to remember to expect His stuff happening to His plan and timetable – not ours
  • Energy – continued energy to get the most out of this week.
  • Wisdom – for cast and crew to best use the limited time we have together at CU!2014

Thanks again for your support!