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CU!2016 – Day 7

Wow what a day!

It may have been the last full day at CU!2016 but it was awesome!

This morning we had the tech rehearsal for the performance tomorrow and then the last of our study group sessions. Judging by the lack of people in the dining hall at the start of lunch these went really well as they ran out if time!

This afternoon was our Dress Rehearsal. This also went really well. It is always amazing to see the hard work the cast and crew have put in during the week, form into the performance.

This evening was our final theme night – the masquerade ball! Set in the semi fictional Rogerson Manor on the night of Amy’s 18th birthday party. We had a great time investigating who had stolen Amy’s mask… In a shocking turn of events it turned out to be her brother Joe… It was a really fun evening again helped by a lovely meal from the awesome Rendcomb staff .

Tonight Em is currently leading the evening meeting with the help of quite a few of the cast and crew. It will be the last of our meetings based under our theme of Walk With Me.

This will be our last planned update from the site as the next 24 hours will be quite hectic! Thank you do much for your prayers and support this week.

Final Points For Prayer

Safe Travels. Safety as the cast and crew as they travel home. Especially for the crew that have to drive themselves back home.

Energy. As always we want to fully enjoy the last bit of time we have together in this special community that God creates here this summer.

Post CU! Blues. The bump back to the world outside CU! Is usually quite hard. Prayer not just for the physical bump (e.g. I have to cook and shop for food …!)  But also for the emotional bump of leaving this special community.

CU!2017 … We don’t know fully what God or even Scripture Unions plans are for CU!17 . We really hope to be back at Rendcomb next summer. Particularly because on a practical point they are building a new theatre and performing arts block .. whatever happens for CU!17 our prayer is that it is God’s plan.

Thanks again for your support this year.

CU!2016 – Day 6

Well the end of CU!16 is hurtling toward us! But we are still having lots of fun!

Today was our last “normal” day at CU! Well not that anything we do here is really “normal”!

The A Workshops in the morning were wrapping up their sessions and getting the parts ready that we will be showing during our final performance on Saturday. 

This afternoon we had another set of workshop extras – including the ever popular One Shot Music Video. Due to it being slightly wet it was our 1st one that we have shot inside … Which made for a frantic and loud hour as we put it together!

Tonight Tim and Rachel led an honest and challenging meeting that went really well.

Points for Prayer

Final Night Meeting – Day 7 is our last evening meeting. Please pray that God gives Em & her team the time and words to finish putting together the meeting that God wants presented.

Final Night Masquerade Ball – prayers for the team putting together the masquerade ball. The light night is always awesome here – but prayers that the practical details will be stress free would be great.

Preparation for returning home. By Saturday evening most of our cast and crew will be back home. Please pray that God will provide the strength as we all make that slightly bumpy journey back to the real world. Please pray that the CU! Community will be a great support for those that are going back to difficult situations. Also that the joy and creativity of the community here this week will spread back out into the parts of the world that we all inhabit.

Thanks again for your support.

Apologies for the delay in posting this !

CU!2016 – Day 5

Day 5 was a completely Super day!! Mainly bacause it was our superhero hero theme night!! (Sorry for the bad pun – we just ran out of coffee … ! )

The workshops are really coming together and everyone seems to be having lots of fun!

In the afternoon we had another set of workshop extras including the prop hunt, rounders and some more prop making for the theme night!

Then later on the Superhero theme night kicked off! .. Literally kicked off with Harley Quinn attacking Batman … Shockingly Batman was later unmasked to reveal he was in fact our very own Matt G! We had a great set of super-games and then even more action packed fun after yet another lovely meal from the awesome Rendcomb staff.

In the evening Heidi, Helen and Zoë looked at Worry. They explored this through drama, song and spoken word. We then had a creative response looking at taking our baggage to Jesus.

We are having a great time and trying not to think too much that the end is quickly approaching.

Sorry about the brief update today – the coffee has just arrived 😉

Points for Prayer

Safety – as we reach the end of the week prayer for protection for Cast and Crew to continue to have a safe and fun week.

Practical jobs – prayers that the practical jobs we need to do get done

Evening meetings – prayers for Tim, Rachel and Em as they finish off the details of the last two nights meetings. Prayers that the words and messages that God needs spoken will be presented clearly .

CU!2016 – Day 4

CU!16 is zipping past and yet, oddly, we seem to have been here forever! We are now halfway through the week, if we are honest the end is approaching far too quickly.

But we still have LOTS of exciting things to do before the end of the week!

Day 4 was great! The main A workshops in the morning are going really well and are starting to get things together for the final performance on Saturday.

In the afternoon we had a full set of extra workshops and some of the Workshop B’s continued on. Our extra workshops included swimming, ultimate Frisbee, rounders and prop making for our next theme night.

Our Understudies had two sessions to help them in their 1st year as Crew; What does the Bible say about leadership. Understanding the  different ways we learn about and express our faith.

In the evening Shona and Mel spent the time looking at prayer. We spent time trying out different ways to pray and how we can creatively pray.

This was followed by the ever successful praise rave ! Safe to say we were the loudest and most colourful thing for a few miles !

Points for Prayer.

Energy -its midweek so some of us are definitely running on just coffee ! 

Time – time to get all the practical jobs done. Time to have the conversations and moments that God needs us to have this week. Time to have fun with the awesome CU! Community.

Theme Nights – we have our superhero theme night and our masquerade ball still to come. Prayers for the team preparing these would be great.

Thanks again for your support.

CU!2016 – Day 3

Day 3. Brings the excitement of our 1st theme night!! But more on that shortly !

It has been another great day here at CU!2016!

Once again the weather has been great! Despite the site here being huge and the days very busy, I’m quite sure all that exercise is cancelled out by the lovely Rendcomb food!

We had a relatively normal day today – well as normal as things here are!! But at 4pm a crack team of crew started transforming the theatre in preparation for the “Household Objects” theme night!

Just in case you are wondering our theme nights come from suggestions from the CU! Cast and are voted by them on-site this year for next year.

We had a great selection of household objects themed games (yep that is possible !!) As well as the return of some old favourites, including the return of chubby bunnies … ! This time it was sadly cut short by the cast managing to get through the three bags of marshmallows. But to be honest by that point we had probably seen quite enough of the marshmallows on their exit from mouths to the bins ..

Our after dinner notices were interrupted by a flashmob from some of the crew .. but order was quickly resumed as we headed back into the theatre for the continuation of the theme night.

In the evening meeting Adam and Naomi looked at Anger, Vengeance and justice. We had dance, drama and some wise words! We even mentioned Brexit … 

Points for prayer

  • Rest – For a variety of reasons some of the Crew are not getting good night’s sleep. Please pray for peace and protection for Cast and Crew as we recharge overnight.
  • Weather – again today was great – looking later in the week it doesn’t look as good. But prayers for the weather that God wants us to have and the wisdom for the Crew to adapt as needed depending on what the weather is.
  • Good conversations – CU! Is an amazing place where God does amazing things – please pray for time and space for good conversations to happen.

    Thanks again for your support.