CU!2016 – Day 7

Wow what a day!

It may have been the last full day at CU!2016 but it was awesome!

This morning we had the tech rehearsal for the performance tomorrow and then the last of our study group sessions. Judging by the lack of people in the dining hall at the start of lunch these went really well as they ran out if time!

This afternoon was our Dress Rehearsal. This also went really well. It is always amazing to see the hard work the cast and crew have put in during the week, form into the performance.

This evening was our final theme night – the masquerade ball! Set in the semi fictional Rogerson Manor on the night of Amy’s 18th birthday party. We had a great time investigating who had stolen Amy’s mask… In a shocking turn of events it turned out to be her brother Joe… It was a really fun evening again helped by a lovely meal from the awesome Rendcomb staff .

Tonight Em is currently leading the evening meeting with the help of quite a few of the cast and crew. It will be the last of our meetings based under our theme of Walk With Me.

This will be our last planned update from the site as the next 24 hours will be quite hectic! Thank you do much for your prayers and support this week.

Final Points For Prayer

Safe Travels. Safety as the cast and crew as they travel home. Especially for the crew that have to drive themselves back home.

Energy. As always we want to fully enjoy the last bit of time we have together in this special community that God creates here this summer.

Post CU! Blues. The bump back to the world outside CU! Is usually quite hard. Prayer not just for the physical bump (e.g. I have to cook and shop for food …!)  But also for the emotional bump of leaving this special community.

CU!2017 … We don’t know fully what God or even Scripture Unions plans are for CU!17 . We really hope to be back at Rendcomb next summer. Particularly because on a practical point they are building a new theatre and performing arts block .. whatever happens for CU!17 our prayer is that it is God’s plan.

Thanks again for your support this year.