CU!2016 – Day 6

Well the end of CU!16 is hurtling toward us! But we are still having lots of fun!

Today was our last “normal” day at CU! Well not that anything we do here is really “normal”!

The A Workshops in the morning were wrapping up their sessions and getting the parts ready that we will be showing during our final performance on Saturday. 

This afternoon we had another set of workshop extras – including the ever popular One Shot Music Video. Due to it being slightly wet it was our 1st one that we have shot inside … Which made for a frantic and loud hour as we put it together!

Tonight Tim and Rachel led an honest and challenging meeting that went really well.

Points for Prayer

Final Night Meeting – Day 7 is our last evening meeting. Please pray that God gives Em & her team the time and words to finish putting together the meeting that God wants presented.

Final Night Masquerade Ball – prayers for the team putting together the masquerade ball. The light night is always awesome here – but prayers that the practical details will be stress free would be great.

Preparation for returning home. By Saturday evening most of our cast and crew will be back home. Please pray that God will provide the strength as we all make that slightly bumpy journey back to the real world. Please pray that the CU! Community will be a great support for those that are going back to difficult situations. Also that the joy and creativity of the community here this week will spread back out into the parts of the world that we all inhabit.

Thanks again for your support.

Apologies for the delay in posting this !