Curtains Up! is Creative Arts Holiday run by a fantastic team of volunteers for Scripture Union in the UK.

During the 7 night residential event in the summer we run workshops on Backstage, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Film, Music, Music Theatre and Visual Arts

Our aim is to provide a fun and safe environment for people to explore their gifts in the arts and their personal relationship with God. We have got a fantastic team of volunteers who come and give their time (and pay to come!)

Curtains Up! is a Scripture Union Holiday

Scripture Union staff and Volunteers work in more that 130 countries to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families. Scripture Union’s Work in Britain includes schools work, missions, family ministry, helping Christians to read the bible and supporting the church through training and resources.
Scripture Union has been running holidays for more than 100 years.
To find out more about the work of Scripture Union England and Wales you can visit the Website at

Here you will find details about all the latest publications – books, Bible notes, resources etc. – as well as information about Schools work and missions. You will also be able to check the details of all of SU’s holidays and see whether there are still vacancies on your chosen holiday.

Centre Stage

In 2019 the team behind Curtains Up! and some new friends started a new holiday called Centre Stage. This has the same aims as Curtains Up! But is aimed at the younger 11-14 age group.

Centre Stage is aimed for young people aged 11-14

You can find out more on the Centre Stage website:

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CU!2020 Bookings OPEN

Bookings are now OPEN for Curtains Up! 2020! Head over to Scripture Union’s website (button below) to book your place.