• CU!2024 – PROVISIONAL Information
    We have taken a leap of faith and have booked The Greenhouse at Barnes Close for Curtains Up! 2024. This is a huge step forwards in the next chapter of … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2023 – The Official Video
    We had another great year at CU!23 – hopefully this video will give you a glimpse into the amazing week we had!
  • Curtains Up! 2023 – One Shot Music Video
    One of our most popular one-off workshop extra’s at CU! is the “One Shot Music Video”. We have one hour to create from scratch a music video, we film it … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2023 – Final Update
    Day 6 (Saturday in the real world!) was such a great day. It was our last full day at CU!2023 and we packed it full of fun and friendship! The … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2023 – Day 5
    Another busy day here at CU!2023 with Day 5 seeing our last “normal” day πŸ™ It was a great day with lots of fun in our last “normal” set of … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2023 – Day 3 & 4
    We have been having a great time at CU!2023 – so much so I haven’t been able to carve out time to write these updates! Sorry about that. Day 3 … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2023 – Day 2
    Happy Christmas!! Don’t worry we are not stuck in some weird time traveling adventure – but Day 2 at CU!2023 was “Christmas” ! We had another great day with the … Read more
  • Curtains Up! Day 1
    Curtains Up! 2023 has officially started! The weather has a been a bit damp for some of the day – which did mean our Crew who were positioned outside to … Read more
  • CU!2022 – The Video
    Here it is – the CU!2022 video – now in 4k !
  • Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 6,7,8
    Sorry about the gap in daily update emails. I got slightly swamped for the last 48 hours onsite! Here is a brief summary for the last days at CU!2022: Day … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 5
    Day 5 has finished and we are rapidly heading towards the end of CU!2022! It was another great day with great weather, food, conversation and fun! The main workshops are … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 4
    The end of day 4 sees us reach the halfway point of CU!2022. We are at the odd stage of feeling like we have been here for weeks and like … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 3
    Day 3 has drawn to a close and its been another great day! The weather has been great – hot but outside there is a nice breeze. Some of the … Read more
  • CU!2022 – Day Two
    Day 2 is (slightly confusingly) our 1st full day at CU! – It has been great to spend a full day together, doing things we haven’t been able to do … Read more
  • Curtains Up! 2022 – Day One
    We are ON SITE !! – After such a long time it is FANTASTIC to finally be here!! Today finally saw the official start of Curtains Up! 2022 – The … Read more
  • CU!Soon! – Monthly Virtual Event
    Since September 2020 we have been running a monthly virtual event – featuring some of the best (virtual) bits of the summer virtual event. It has been great to catch … Read more
  • CU!2021 – Covid Update
    CU! will be running online this SummerΒ – we hope to be able to give you dates and more information by the Easter weekend (this week, all Holiday Leaders are involved … Read more
  • CU!2020 – Mini (Online) Adventure
    We may not be able to meet up in person this summer for a “normal” CU! but we are delighted to announce that CU! will be running as an online … Read more
  • CU!2020 – Covid-19 Update
    Scripture Union have decided that due to the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis no holidays will be running this Summer so we will not be going to Luckley House in August. We … Read more
  • GreenRoom – The online CU! community
    With so much uncertainty and change at the moment we thought it would be a good time to remind you about The Green Room. The Green Room is a space … Read more
  • CU!2020 Bookings OPEN
    Bookings are now OPEN for Curtains Up! 2020! Head over to Scripture Union’s website (button below) to book your place.
  • Curtains Up! 2019 – The Video
    What an amazing year CU!2019 was – we moved site (again) , changed to a slightly different age group and had an AMAZING time!! Hopefully this video will give you … Read more
  • Centre Stage – The Video
    So as you may have spotted I didn’t quite manage to get an update out during the last two days of Centre Stage 2019! It was an amazing couple of … Read more
  • Centre Stage – Day 3+4
    We have packed so much in to Centre Stage 2019 I haven’t had chance to sit down and update you all ! Sorry about that ! Day 3 was a … Read more
  • Centre Stage – Day 2
    Day 2 brings the 1st full day at Centre Stage! It was a great day! We had a great time in our workshops where we all got chance to try … Read more
  • Centre Stage – Day 1
    As I’m sure you have spotted – this year the Curtains Up! team have launched a new holiday called Centre Stage. It is running at the same site as Curtains … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 7+8
    CU!2019 is now over – it has been a fantastic year – hopefully that has come across in these posts! As I mentioned the busyness of the final two days … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 6
    How are we already at Day 6 ?!!! It’s very odd as it feels like we have been here forever and life outside CU! is but a distant memory – … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 5
    Today was another packed day at CU!2019 ! as a result this update will be slightly shorter than normal! Today saw the return of one of our most popular one … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 4
    Today it rained … Actual wet rain .. for about 5 minutes … so apart from the start of an outside Drama workshop warm up that quickly turned into a … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 3
    Today it rained…. FUN … Sorry the exhaustion is starting to set in!! It did actually rain but only for a little bit and only during the second part of … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 2
    Another day is drawing to a close here as CU!2019. It has been another great day (as you would expect!!) The Cast and Crew all slept … Judging by some … Read more
  • CU!2019 – Day 1
    As I write this Day 1 of Curtains Up 2019 is starting to draw to a close. It has been a fantastic start! This is our 1st year at Luckley … Read more
  • 2019 -Bookings Open !!
    In case you hadn’t spotted yet – bookings for Curtains Up! 2019 are now open!! 2019 is going to be another really exciting year as we are moving to a … Read more
  • CU!2019 -> The Kingdom
    Last year was “All Change” but the event itself was only the start of that – we are really pleased to let you know that we will be running not … Read more
  • The CU! Green Room v2
    We have just launched a new version of the Green Room! Following feedback about the original version we have rebuilt it so that it works more like a mini Facebook … Read more
  • CU!2018 – The Official Video
    Well here it is finally!! The Official CU!2018 Video – we hope you really enjoy it !! We also hope it will help with any post-cu-blues that may be setting … Read more
  • CU!2018 – Days 4-6
    We are once again hurtling through the week at CU!2018 !! Well .. oddly it feels like the end is coming far too soon and that we have been here … Read more
  • CU!2018 – Day 2+3
    I’m not quite sure how we are already at Day 3 here at CU!2018 !! We are already at the point of not actually knowing what day of the week … Read more
  • CU!2018 – Day 1
    Well we are off and running! It’s been a great start! Despite some practical issues (like the lack of internet – hence the delay to this post!!) we are having … Read more
  • CU!2018 – Day 0
    As I write this day Day 0 here at CU!18 is abut to come to an end – this is the day the Crew arrive and start getting the site … Read more
  • CU! 2018 – All Change – The Logo
    Each year we design a new logo for CU! – here is the CU!2018 “all Change” logo!  
  • CU! 2018 – All Change – The Final Countdown!
    We are now less than a week away from the start of CU!2018 – it’s very exciting!! Once again our awesome Crew are putting the final preparations in place for … Read more
  • CU!2017 – The Final Performance
    Every year at CU! we put on a final show. The show is a collection of things that we have been working on during the week that we would like … Read more
  • CU!2017 – Visual Arts
    We don’t get to show all of the amazing things that happen at CU! in the final performance. One of those areas is the fantastic Visual Arts workshops. We exhibit … Read more
  • CU!2017 – The Video (Special Edition)
    We can’t quite believe that nearly a week has passed since the end of CU!2017… As I write the final evening meeting was just starting. In fact we were probably … Read more
  • CU!2017 – One Shot Music Video
    Well here it is – we have managed to drag the files from the computer where we left them and get them uploaded! For those that haven’t seen one of … Read more
  • CU!2017 – The Pictures
    We have just published our “Official” pictures from CU!17 to our Flickr stream. Its been great to see your pictures all appearing on Facebook as well! As we mentioned previously … Read more
  • CU!2017 – The Video
    Well CU! 2017 has come to a close. To help you with the post-CU! blues here is the traditional video that we showed at the end of this years performance! … Read more
  • CU!2017 – Day 6
    Well the end of CU!17 is RAPIDLY approaching πŸ™ But it has been another fantastic day. In between the showers we have had great sunshine! The Cast enjoyed the outdoor … Read more