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CU!2020 – Mini (Online) Adventure

We may not be able to meet up in person this summer for a “normal” CU! but we are delighted to announce that CU! will be running as an online event this summer !!

Even better … IT’S FREE !!

Yep that right the Crew for CU!2020 are currently planning for what will be a quite different, but still really exciting time together this summer!

We are still putting the final details together but we are expecting to include the following:

Daily videos to watch based around the weeks theme . We will release each of these at the start of the day so you can watch it around your daily routine of binge watching for the 3rd (4th?) time round on your favorite tv series!

Daily small group. A chance, later in the afternoon, to chat about the daily video with a your small group. This will probably be based on Zoom. If you prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front then you can keep your camera off for these sessions!

Chill out time! A chance to chill out with the CU!2020 Cast and Crew. Sadly we won’t be able to run the tuck shop during this time like we normally do …. but we are looking to run a variety of activities during a slot in the early evening.

Workshops – obviously these will be very different to a “normal” CU! But the Crew have been coming up with some very creative ideas that we could do together this summer.

The Green Room – throughout the whole event we will be running a dedicated private section on the Green Room (Our closed online forum). this will host other content, ideas, games, discussions etc that you can take part in at any point during the event.

Plus …. Well we have to have some surprises ….

You can sign up to CU!2020 – Mini (Online) Adventure by clicking the button below. Remember it’s FREE !

Please note:

At the time of publishing the Scripture Union website description is not accurate! (We are running for 4 days not 3 and the description is for CU!2020 before we moved online)

To participate in CU!2020 you will need access to a device that you can use Zoom on and access the Green Room.

CU!2020 – Covid-19 Update

Scripture Union have decided that due to the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis no holidays will be running this Summer so we will not be going to Luckley House in August.

We thought this would be the case but are really sorry to have it confirmed and we will miss seeing those of you who would have been there a huge lot.

We are going to explore whether it’s an option to have some kind of online meet up – we will keep you all on the GreenRoom

And remember that God is bigger than any illness.
And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8 v38

GreenRoom – The online CU! community

With so much uncertainty and change at the moment we thought it would be a good time to remind you about The Green Room.

The Green Room is a space just for Curtains Up! Cast and Crew. It is a bit like our own mini Facebook. It’s a great place to catch up with Cast and Crew , chat about things good or bad and share cool and encouraging things.

If you are now stuck at home or can’t go to your normal groups and activities then do stick your head in to the green room and catch up with the awesome CU! community.

If you are not already a member please contact us via the contact form on the website and we will look into getting you invited!

Parents if you have any questions about how the Green Room works etc then please drop us a line via the contact form.

CU!2020 Bookings OPEN

Bookings are now OPEN for Curtains Up! 2020!

Head over to Scripture Union’s website (button below) to book your place.

Crew (Team) ArriveSaturday 1st August 2020
Cast (Young People) ArriveSunday 2nd August 2020
Everyone LeavesSunday 9th August 2020
WhereLuckley House School, Wokingham, UK

Curtains Up! 2019 – The Video

What an amazing year CU!2019 was – we moved site (again) , changed to a slightly different age group and had an AMAZING time!!

Hopefully this video will give you a glimpse into what we got up to this summer and for those who came I hope it brings back many happy memories !!

Centre Stage – The Video

So as you may have spotted I didn’t quite manage to get an update out during the last two days of Centre Stage 2019!

It was an amazing couple of days and a brilliant way to end Centre Stage 2019.

Day 5 saw us head into the brilliant onsite theatre to do prepare to share some of the things we had been working on during the last few days. It was great to be in the theatre and for the Cast (and Crew) to be on such a lovely well equipped stage! We put together a really great sharing – the cast did an amazing job! Especially as most of the pieces we had only worked on in a few workshops so probably only had about 2-3 hours of rehearsals!

Day 6 was our last day onsite – the Cast and Crew did an amazing job of tidying and cleaning up the site – before the final sharing. It was so great to be able to welcome family and friends into the theatre to see what we have been up to!

One of the things that we chose to do that we also do at Curtains Up! was a summary of the week in pictures. As this is a new holiday we picked a new bit of music. This track is quite special to some of the Crew as its by a band called The Bright Expression. Two of the members are Ex-CU!-Crew from a few years ago.

So here it is – hopefully it will give you a snapshot into what we got up to at Centre Stage 2019

Centre Stage – Day 3+4

We have packed so much in to Centre Stage 2019 I haven’t had chance to sit down and update you all ! Sorry about that !

Day 3 was a most wonderful time of the (CS2019) year … as it was CHRISTMAS !! We had such fun ! The Crew were up slightly late putting up the Christmas Tree and decorations. Even the in house catering team got in on the action with more decorations and a FULL Christmas Dinner for us all !!! It was amazing !!!

The afternoon saw Rachel lead us through our 1st Theme Day (Christmas obviously!!) Packed full of great Christmas themed games and costumes!

This was followed by our Main Event where again Rachel and the Crew led us as we spent time looking at the Christmas Story. We went on an actual journey ourselves around the site as we met various characters from the Christmas Story. It was a great way to explore the story that we all know so well.

Following the fabulous Christmas dinner – once again the Crew may have wanted a nap – but they battled though to provide a packed evening of entertainment and chill out time. Including a great time outside playing frisbee as the sun was setting !

Day 4 was another (obviously) great day ! The weather is definitely a lot cooler and wetter than when we arrived – but as most of what we do is inside it isn’t causing issues !

We have started to finish off the pieces we want to share to the folks coming to pickup the Cast at the end of Centre Stage on Sunday. We are also having some great time hanging out and playing games, chatting and consuming slightly too much sugar from the tuck shop together!

We had workshops in Dance, Drama, Singing and Visual Arts. As well as a set of extra workshops in tech, chill out and Drama games.

This afternoon’s main even was a really moving meeting looking at the Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus. It was a really great example of what the Centre Stage Crew do so well. We had Drama, Spoken Word Poetry, Sung Worship, Song, creative responses and further explorations. All wrapped up with some creative Tech to really enhance the meeting. It was a really special time for the Cast and Crew. We really felt God moving as we explored it together.

Day 5+6 bring the last days at Centre Stage 2019. We have had so much fun already – but we are really excited about the last 2 days – not only for what we have got planned but also to see what God does.

Points for Prayer

  • Day 5 is our 1st ever Centre Stage Dress Rehearsal – we are really looking forward to getting into the theatre. Prayers for a smooth and positive process as we put the final touches to the little snapshot that we want to show at the end of the week would be great.
  • Energy – especially the holiday draws to its end. Some of the Crew have been on site for over 2 weeks now and we also have a couple team having to leave slightly early. So energy for those that are still here as we finish Centre Stage and then pack everything up. / clean the site to handover to the next holiday!
  • God’s voice – that we will all hear it clearly as we rush around in the last few days together.
  • Health – protection or the Cast and Crew that illness won’t affect the last of our time together .

As you can probably guess – activities at the end of the holiday may mean I won’t be able to update this until we are all home safely! I will try ! But I will send and update once we are all home!

Thanks again for all of you support

Matt and the Centre Stage 2019 Crew

Centre Stage – Day 2

Day 2 brings the 1st full day at Centre Stage! It was a great day!

We had a great time in our workshops where we all got chance to try out singing, drama, dance and musical theatre. On Day 3 we will pick our options to start putting something together for the sharing on the last day.

Alex took us on a whistle stop tour through the bible in the Main Event with a great drama and a wide range of ways to get involved and explore the message afterwards. The Lego and Plasticine were particularly popular!

The food again was … AMAZING … however the pulled pork followed by chocolate sponge pudding may have resulted in many Crew wanting a post dinner nap !!!

The evening saw the Centre Stage debut of the frankly life changing event that is …. Chocolate Pizza … yep pizza , with chocolate .. and cheese …. Sounds wrong but is so, so right … !

We are having a great time here and can’t wait to see what else this week has in store for us! Of course Day 3 brings our Theme Day …


We may be slightly excited about this …

Points for Prayer

  • Energy for Cast and Crew – again to make sure we get to enjoy the amazing week that God has planned for us to the full!
  • Sleep – directly connected to point 1 … Some of the cast are not exactly keen on the whole sleep things (we get it Centre Stage is a VERY exciting place to be!) but when lack of sleep means that it’s keeping others awake or even being late for breakfast … Not so great…
  • Study Group Times – that God will really guide the Crew to ensure that the best possible chats and discussions can be had during the times these groups are meeting – and also in the times when we are all just hanging out together !

Thanks again for your continued support!

Matt and the Centre Stage 2019 Crew

Centre Stage – Day 1

As I’m sure you have spotted – this year the Curtains Up! team have launched a new holiday called Centre Stage. It is running at the same site as Curtains Up! with a younger age group the week after CU! This year the team is made up of a mix of CU!2019 Crew, CU!2018 Crew, New Crew and for the 1st time Jr Team. We are going to be doing daily updates on here during Centre Stage. So if you are here for the CU! content – don’t worry you haven’t missed a secret second week of CU!2019!

Day 1

Day 1 at Centre Stage was amazing! As this was the 1st ever day, on the 1st EVER Centre Stage it was a packed day full of new things. For the team who also did CU! last week – it was also a day of “old” things in a new holiday – But we have managed to have 24 hours off between the holidays so its not quite as odd as we thought it may have been !

The morning of Day 1 saw Rachel and Em leading the CS Crew in their final preparations and training ahead of the Cast arrival in the afternoon.

Lunch was another fantastic salad and sandwich combo from the in-house catering team – quickly followed by the final preps for the Cast arrival!

With all of the Cast on-site we kicked off the VERY FIRST Centre Stage in the meeting room with our “Main Event”. The Main Event is a slot in the day where we spend time together looking at the topic for the day. This could include drama, dance, games singing with Susie and the band or anything else that is helpful to explore the topic.

Day One saw the tech team exploring the topic of Creation. We sent some time is our small groups working on creating a Team Logo, Team Theme Song and a Team Creation from Lego Blocks.

This then led into us spending a bit of time thinking about how long it must have taken to create some more complex lego creations and how amazing they were. We then looked at the Creation God has built and thought about our place within it – finishing by all creating something one creation from the blocks we had used within our teams creations.

After the Main Event we had a bit of chill out time before another awesome meal provided by the fantastic Luckley House Catering Team. Seconds were had… and even thirds …

The evening saw the 1st of our sessions in our small groups looking back on the day and praying for each other if we wanted to. We then had a great set of chill out activities and games in the Green Room. Before heading off to bed!

It was a fantastic start to Centre Stage 2019 !! We are all really excited to be here and play our parts in this amazing event !

Points For Prayer

  • That the Crew who have been here for CU! continue to have the energy they need to run CS
  • That the Cast and Crew really enjoy all of the activities that we have got planned and that the Crew will adapt things as needed as we work out the details of that what Centre Stage looks like.
  • For the Cast that they will not get too homesick. Also that the Cast and Crew will be a great support for anyone that is missing home.
  • That the weather doesn’t dampen our spirits – we are inside for most of the week – but rain is always … wet ….!
  • That Centre Stage will be the week that God wants it to be and if that is not the path that we are leading the holiday down then we will hear and follow His guidance!

Thanks again for all of your support

Matt and the Centre Stage 2019 Crew

CU!2019 – Day 7+8

CU!2019 is now over – it has been a fantastic year – hopefully that has come across in these posts!

As I mentioned the busyness of the final two days meant that I didn’t get chance to update this – really sorry about that!

Day 7 – was our last full day here at CU!2019 – it was a packed day with our tech rehearsal in the morning and then our dress rehearsal in the afternoon. Followed by our fantastic Murder Mystery Theme night and final evening meeting.

The Tech and Dress rehearsals was our 1st chance to get into the awesome purpose built theatre that we have onsite here at Luckley House. It is a really great, well equipped venue that we are SO happy to be using! It was fantastic just to walk in and within 30 mins be welcoming the Cast into the space to start the tech.

Considering the tech team hadn’t seen the venue before – we managed to get the tech done without too many issues, the dress then also went really well. It was so good to see the pieces that the Cast and Crew had been working on during the week coming together so well!

We then went into our final theme night – it was a murder mystery run by Susie and her team! It was great evening of puzzles, games and action! The Cast and Crew looked great in their “posh” outfits that they had brought to attend dinner at “Luckley Manor”. In what is a recurring theme Alex’s character was again the victim of the murder… don’t take it personally ….

Em, Naomi, Salome and their team ran the evening meeting around the theme “Jesus is Alive”. We started off in the theatre and then moved around the site. We watched through the glass wall of the Theatre Foyer as some of the Cast and Cast did a fantastic movement piece around Jesus rising from the tomb. It was a great evening meeting that had lots of creative ways to respond and explore deeper.

Day 8 – our final day at CU!2019. The morning is always a slightly mad rush as we get the site cleaned cleared and tidied. We aim to get as much done before the final performance which starts at 11am. This year the Cast and Crew did a great job and the site was looking really good when it came to us all heading over to the theatre.

The Final Performance was a great snapshot of what we have been up to this year at CU!2019. Being in the theatre space was fantastic – but the quality of the workshops this year really shone through. Especially some of the optional ones or the B workshops that only run for a few times in the week.

Its always hard to get to the end of CU! and this year was no exception. The community that forms during the week is such a special and supportive place – its a community that keeps going throughout the year. But the time together in the summer just can’t be beaten!

As a member of the Crew and and one of the three overall leaders it has personally been such an honour to serve with this fantastic Crew this year. Moving sites again and running with a smaller team had the potential to make things more difficult – but the crew have worked together fantastically to run another fantastic year.

When we have confirmed news about CU!2020 we will post it here – at the moment we only know that the theme will be CU!2020 – The Journey

Points for Prayer

  • Safe travel for all of our Cast and Crew (some traveling back overseas)
  • Rest and recuperation for the Crew staying onsite as we prepare for Centre Stage
  • That God will continue to work in the lives of the Cast and Crew as they emerge from the CU!2019 bubble.
  • That the post-CU!-blues will not hit hard! That the CU! community will be a great support for each other and that we will all find the support communities local to us at home.
  • For Centre Stage as we start the final preparations before the Crew Arrival on Monday Afternoon
  • For CU!2020 – planning has already started – prayers for wisdom for the Communication team and Her office as we start to put things in place for next year.

Thanks again for your support this year, till next time

Matt and the CU!2019 Crew