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CU!2015: The Video

We are slowly starting to recover from the awesomeness that was CU!2015. If you didn’t make it this year or if you need to get your CU! fix – here are two videos for you.

The Official Video

The One Shot Music Video


CU!2015: Day 7

Just a brief update tonight. CU!2015 is drawing rapidly to a close and there is still quite a lot to do!

It’s been an awesome day. The weather has been glorious!!

Tomorrow we will be showing some of the things we have been getting up to this week. That meant today we had out Tech and Dress rehearsals. This make sure it goes as well as possible and also to show the process that is followed professionally .
For those of you that may have been in a tech rehearsal in the “real world” you will be glad to know we plough through ours quite quickly! It usually only takes about 1.5 hours to get through the show.

Today was also the last of our theme nights – Egyptian night! It was great fun – again the Cast and Crew showed some amazing creativity in their costumes and some of the games that they created.

Sadly the practicalities of tonight means that a full updated will have to wait until we are back  at home after Curtains Up!

Points for Prayer:

1 – Safety for those travelling to us on Saturday to pick Cast (and crew) members up

2- Energy to get through these last few hours on site 🙁

3 – Energy and safety for those travelling back home after CU!2015 – specifically for those driving.

4 – For the final performance – that the fun and excitement of CU!2015 will come across on stage!

Thanks for your support during CU!2015 – this will probably be our last update until we get back home (and realistically have a bit of sleep!!) Thanks for following along.

CU!2015: Day 6

As I write this I can hear the sounds of the CU!2015 Cast and Crew worshipping God drifting across the Rendcomb site.

It’s an awesome and wonderful sound.

Today the weather has been wonderful for our last “normal” day on site. Tomorrow will be filled with preparations for the final performance and our last theme night.

It was also the last of our workshops and the last of our workshop extras. The extra workshops today included the much requested prop hunt around the site and the always popular One Shot Music Video…

For those of you that haven’t yet experienced our one shot music videos here is the one from CU!2013

The Cast and Crew are given 1 hour with no preparation to produce the music video with NO edits. We press record at the beginning and keep rolling until the track finishes… Its a really fun and frantic hour!! This year had a slight twist as the cast in the Prop Hunt workshop were unwittingly gathering props for this video!

This years video … well lets just say it’s awesome…. We will post it up here once CU!2015 is over

It has been an awesome week here. God has been doing some amazing things and we are still excited and expectant for what will still happen in our last day or so together.

Points for Prayer

1 – Friday is our tech and dress rehearsal – its quite a stressy day for all of us techies! For those cast that haven’t gone through this process before it’s very different and requires a bit of patience!

2 – Friday is also our last evening meeting together – please pray for the Cast they they will use this time together in this safe place to spend time growing nearer to God.

3 – Friday is also our final theme night – so prayers for practicalities around that would be great.

4 – For those reading this as we go live Thursday evening: we are running another question time tonight so prayers for the questions an those crew giving answers would be great.

Thanks again for your support

CU!2015: Day 5

The end of CU!2015 is hurtling rapidly towards us 🙁 but we are not letting that spoil the time we have left here!

Today was another great day!

We had another set of great Workshop As this morning followed by more workshop extras. They included some “Manly man time” and more swimming!

But the highlight so far was definitely the Dr Who theme night! Once again the Cast and Crew have worked incredibly hard to produce some amazing costumes and to put on a fantastic few hours of entertainment and fun!

We had our very own TARDIS land in the theatre. Only to have it invaded by a series of enemies that we had to work together to fight off … These games included Chubby Adipose, “Upgrade” a team member (like the Cybermen) and the terrifying Don’t blink …

We had a great time as you will hopefully be able to tell from these pictures! (Click on the images to see them bigger!)

Points for Prayer

1 – We had a great Question Time last night. We are going to run it again. Prayers for the questions and those answering them would be great.

2 – Energy – for both Cast and Crew. We are in the home straight but CU! just gets busier as we get towards the end!

3 – Weather – its getting better all week – but the rain hasn’t negatively affected the week. Thanks for that and for it to get better as the week wraps up would be great!

Thanks again for you support

CU!2015: Day 4

Day 4 is slowly drawing to a close as I write this. In fact the picture at the top of this post is the view out of my window as I write – it’s a great reminder of the beautiful surroundings of Rendcomb where we get to enjoy CU! each year.

The weather has been great again. Slightly chilly but it didn’t affect the crazy few who decided to go swimming … I should probably point out for those that don’t know the site … the swimming pool here is outside … I believe its classified as “minimally heated” …. But it doesn’t seem to stop a lot of fun being had!

Today also saw our second set of Workshop B’s – from this point on all of the workshops in the afternoon will be optional. Some of the Workshop B’s will be carrying on and running for those that want to. It will also mean that some people may be able to try out some of the B workshops that they couldn’t sign up for.

It continues to be a great week here – our worries of the weather negatively affecting thing seems to have not come true. Even the staff at Rendcomb have commented on how upbeat and “lively” the Cast seem this year!! But then im not sure if “lively” is a school term for ” bit of and handful” either way everyone seems to be having a great time!

One thing I haven’t mentioned in our previous updates is Dawn, Noon and Dusk Light. These are three short slots during the day to spend a bit of time with God. They each take different forms.

Dawn Light – is compulsory for the Crew but optional for the Cast and happens just before breakfast. It is led by Gordon who spends a bit of time talking through a topic giving people a good chunk of spiritual input at the start of the day.

Noon Light – is optional session just after lunch. Primarily a prayer session led by Saira

Dusk Light – this is a compulsory session held in the dorm blocks at the very end of the day. This is designed to be a few moments of quiet at the end of the day spending time with God together as a group.

Each of these session is another important part of what makes CU! such a special place.

Tomorrow sees our second theme night of the week … Dr Who Night ….

Thanks again for your continued support!!

Points for Prayer:

  1. Weather – it’s been great here today. A bit warmer would be nice 🙂
  2. Energy – the Crew are awesome!! But sadly can only go so far fuelled by Coffee and Doughnuts …
  3. Sadly we are already starting to think of the end of the week 🙁 . Prayer for the practicalities of the end of the week would be great. But also more importantly that the Cast will spend the time they have got left here at CU!2015 wisely. To make the most of the time they can spend with God and seek out answers to any questions they may have.
  4. For those up late tonight reading this as we go live – we are about to head into question time. The Cast have been handing in questions all day and now a few of our crew are about to have a go at answering them…

CU!2015: Day 3

Well Day three has arrived at CU!2015 and as I write this we are nearly at the end of it 🙁

It’s been another great day here – It was out 1st theme night, and our 1st trip into the swimming pool!

The theme night was great fun – for a Video Games Night it actually involved no actual video games but lots of games based around video games!

We had a huge version of human Tetris – that turns out is just as frustrating and fun as the original significantly smaller version.
The racing game simulator had a bit of a glitch and became crash test simulator when a certain Crew member accidentally kicked the remote control car across the room …. Sorry … We also had the CU! version of angry birds – thankfully without the explosions …

It wouldn’t be CU! without some awesome costumes – we had quite a few Mario’s, Princesses, Pac Men + Ghosts, at least one character from Portal and quite a few Tetris inspired costumes. Some of the Cast have put a huge amount of effort into their costumes this year!

This afternoon also saw some more workshop extras – they included a “girls session”, an interactive story telling session and of course swimming. It’s safe to say that the weather is not exactly… warm… So it was a bit of a surprise to see so many Cast deciding that this was THE option of the afternoon! It seems like lot of fun was had – but there was quite a few people moving VERY quickly back to their dorms afterwards – apparently is was a bit chilly to be walking around in wet swimming costumes … !

Tonight Em has been looking at how Jesus forgives our sins and sometimes does even more. Helped by an amazing drama from some of the cast. Some of whom are potentially next years Crew! We spent time looking at  the story of Jesus forgiving and healing the man lowered through the roof by his friends.

Points for prayer:

  1. As part of tonight’s evening meeting the Cast were invited to write something down on their paper “mat” to lower down through the roof to Jesus.  Please pray for what they chose to write down.
  2. The weather – we had a bit of rain today – but we were generally able to get around without needing a change of clothes each time we went outside! Well apart from those odd ones that went swimming!
  3. For the cast that are wrestling with issues and questions. Let CU! be the safe and supportive place for them to find answers and support.

CU!2015: Day 2

Day TWO … How can it be day two already!!

We are having a great time here at CU!2015 – it has been slightly wetter today – but the only thing we had to change was swimming …. which is odd, as it was too wet for swimming… but anyway!

Today was out 1st normal day here at CU! It was also the 1st time we ran the workshops that the cast signed up for before they came.

This morning, after consuming a small farms worth of breakfast related items of food, we spent time in our Workshop A groups which this year includes:

  • A Cappella Singing
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Film
  • Musical Theatre
  • Visual Arts

It looks like we are off to a great start with lots of the crew being really excited about the Cast in their groups this year.

This morning also saw the 1st of our study group sessions. Today we spent time exploring the introduction of Jesus that Alex started looking at in Day 1’s evening meeting.
These groups are a great place for the Cast to ask questions and look in more detail at what we talked about the night before. Most of these groups are about 6 or 7 Cast with 2-3 Crew. They are usually roughly the same age. Some of the groups are mixed but as we don’t have an even split of Male and Female Cast we have some female only groups.

We then had another awesome lunch from the Rendcomb staff followed by an afternoon spent in our Workshop B groups that this year include:

  • Backstage
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Visual Arts

This afternoon’s Workshop Extras that the Cast get to signup for on the day included:

  • Baking with Alex
  • Sports
  • Board Games
  • Pub Quiz ( Don’t worry it wasn’t actually in a pub ! )

Tonight Jenny is looking at the Gospel message through the narrative of Easter. This being CU! I heard talk of there being a “Praise Rave” as part of tonight’s meeting!

Thanks again for your continued support of CU!2015. These updates can only give you a small glimpse into the unique and wonderful place that is CU! We hope that they give you at least a glimpse of the excitement and joy that spending a week with God, the Cast and Crew of CU! brings.

Points for prayer:

  1. Sickness – continued bug squashing so that the Cast and Crew can make the most of their time here at CU!
  2. Energy – CU! is quite full on for all the Cast and Crew involved. Energy to get through and wisdom to know when we need to take a break would be great!
  3. Theme Night 1: Video Games Night – Day Three brings the 1st of our theme nights – Video Games Night. Prayers for the Crew putting it all together would be great.

CU!2015: Day 1

As I write this CU!2015 day 1 is drawing to a close. What a day it’s been!

The weather has been fantastic – its been a great reminder of the beauty of God’s creation. It’s also made the practicalities of getting 50+ Cast onsite and their luggage into their rooms much easier!

This afternoon we played a great set of slightly random games called “The Welcome Games” … kind of like “The Hunger Games” … except not at all …

We have been once again treated to some lovely food from the brilliant Rendcomb staff. The Chocolate cake tonight was especially good 😉

This evening Alex has kicked off the 1st of our evening meetings with Jenny leading us in sung worship.
As it’s July – the only logical way to start was to have a Christmas tree up at the front and sing a carol … Ok so that’s not very logical … But then Alex’s evening meeting was titled “Who is Jesus … (Christmas)”

The Cast are now setting into this evening “Chill Out” activities ahead of our 1st “Dusk Light” and then sleeeeeep….!!

It’s been a great 1st day here! Those of you praying for us – thank you for you support!

Points for Prayer:

  1. Homesick – for those that might not have been away before or just like being at home. Please pray they will feel welcome and “at home” here.
  2. Sickness – with 80+ people arriving onsite from all over the country it’s inevitable that some will bring some bug to share with others! Please pray that any bugs will quickly be squashed and for a week of good health for both Cast and Crew!
  3. Energy – some of the Crew are currently functioning on very little sleep due to the last minute prep and planning that inevitably needs to be done to get CU!2015 off the ground. Energy to get through until bedtime, a deep refreshing sleep and wisdom for how best to deal with things between now and that deep refreshing sleep would be great!
  4. Weather – today has been great … It would be really good if it could continue like this ….

Thanks again for your continued support! We will keep trying to keep you updated here – we are experiencing a few technical bugs with the internet access here – but we will do our best to keep posting!

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