CU!2015: Day 4

Day 4 is slowly drawing to a close as I write this. In fact the picture at the top of this post is the view out of my window as I write – it’s a great reminder of the beautiful surroundings of Rendcomb where we get to enjoy CU! each year.

The weather has been great again. Slightly chilly but it didn’t affect the crazy few who decided to go swimming … I should probably point out for those that don’t know the site … the swimming pool here is outside … I believe its classified as “minimally heated” …. But it doesn’t seem to stop a lot of fun being had!

Today also saw our second set of Workshop B’s – from this point on all of the workshops in the afternoon will be optional. Some of the Workshop B’s will be carrying on and running for those that want to. It will also mean that some people may be able to try out some of the B workshops that they couldn’t sign up for.

It continues to be a great week here – our worries of the weather negatively affecting thing seems to have not come true. Even the staff at Rendcomb have commented on how upbeat and “lively” the Cast seem this year!! But then im not sure if “lively” is a school term for ” bit of and handful” either way everyone seems to be having a great time!

One thing I haven’t mentioned in our previous updates is Dawn, Noon and Dusk Light. These are three short slots during the day to spend a bit of time with God. They each take different forms.

Dawn Light – is compulsory for the Crew but optional for the Cast and happens just before breakfast. It is led by Gordon who spends a bit of time talking through a topic giving people a good chunk of spiritual input at the start of the day.

Noon Light – is optional session just after lunch. Primarily a prayer session led by Saira

Dusk Light – this is a compulsory session held in the dorm blocks at the very end of the day. This is designed to be a few moments of quiet at the end of the day spending time with God together as a group.

Each of these session is another important part of what makes CU! such a special place.

Tomorrow sees our second theme night of the week … Dr Who Night ….

Thanks again for your continued support!!

Points for Prayer:

  1. Weather – it’s been great here today. A bit warmer would be nice 🙂
  2. Energy – the Crew are awesome!! But sadly can only go so far fuelled by Coffee and Doughnuts …
  3. Sadly we are already starting to think of the end of the week 🙁 . Prayer for the practicalities of the end of the week would be great. But also more importantly that the Cast will spend the time they have got left here at CU!2015 wisely. To make the most of the time they can spend with God and seek out answers to any questions they may have.
  4. For those up late tonight reading this as we go live – we are about to head into question time. The Cast have been handing in questions all day and now a few of our crew are about to have a go at answering them…