CU!2015: Day 3

Well Day three has arrived at CU!2015 and as I write this we are nearly at the end of it 🙁

It’s been another great day here – It was out 1st theme night, and our 1st trip into the swimming pool!

The theme night was great fun – for a Video Games Night it actually involved no actual video games but lots of games based around video games!

We had a huge version of human Tetris – that turns out is just as frustrating and fun as the original significantly smaller version.
The racing game simulator had a bit of a glitch and became crash test simulator when a certain Crew member accidentally kicked the remote control car across the room …. Sorry … We also had the CU! version of angry birds – thankfully without the explosions …

It wouldn’t be CU! without some awesome costumes – we had quite a few Mario’s, Princesses, Pac Men + Ghosts, at least one character from Portal and quite a few Tetris inspired costumes. Some of the Cast have put a huge amount of effort into their costumes this year!

This afternoon also saw some more workshop extras – they included a “girls session”, an interactive story telling session and of course swimming. It’s safe to say that the weather is not exactly… warm… So it was a bit of a surprise to see so many Cast deciding that this was THE option of the afternoon! It seems like lot of fun was had – but there was quite a few people moving VERY quickly back to their dorms afterwards – apparently is was a bit chilly to be walking around in wet swimming costumes … !

Tonight Em has been looking at how Jesus forgives our sins and sometimes does even more. Helped by an amazing drama from some of the cast. Some of whom are potentially next years Crew! We spent time looking at  the story of Jesus forgiving and healing the man lowered through the roof by his friends.

Points for prayer:

  1. As part of tonight’s evening meeting the Cast were invited to write something down on their paper “mat” to lower down through the roof to Jesus.  Please pray for what they chose to write down.
  2. The weather – we had a bit of rain today – but we were generally able to get around without needing a change of clothes each time we went outside! Well apart from those odd ones that went swimming!
  3. For the cast that are wrestling with issues and questions. Let CU! be the safe and supportive place for them to find answers and support.