CU!2015: Day 2

Day TWO … How can it be day two already!!

We are having a great time here at CU!2015 – it has been slightly wetter today – but the only thing we had to change was swimming …. which is odd, as it was too wet for swimming… but anyway!

Today was out 1st normal day here at CU! It was also the 1st time we ran the workshops that the cast signed up for before they came.

This morning, after consuming a small farms worth of breakfast related items of food, we spent time in our Workshop A groups which this year includes:

  • A Cappella Singing
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Film
  • Musical Theatre
  • Visual Arts

It looks like we are off to a great start with lots of the crew being really excited about the Cast in their groups this year.

This morning also saw the 1st of our study group sessions. Today we spent time exploring the introduction of Jesus that Alex started looking at in Day 1’s evening meeting.
These groups are a great place for the Cast to ask questions and look in more detail at what we talked about the night before. Most of these groups are about 6 or 7 Cast with 2-3 Crew. They are usually roughly the same age. Some of the groups are mixed but as we don’t have an even split of Male and Female Cast we have some female only groups.

We then had another awesome lunch from the Rendcomb staff followed by an afternoon spent in our Workshop B groups that this year include:

  • Backstage
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Visual Arts

This afternoon’s Workshop Extras that the Cast get to signup for on the day included:

  • Baking with Alex
  • Sports
  • Board Games
  • Pub Quiz ( Don’t worry it wasn’t actually in a pub ! )

Tonight Jenny is looking at the Gospel message through the narrative of Easter. This being CU! I heard talk of there being a “Praise Rave” as part of tonight’s meeting!

Thanks again for your continued support of CU!2015. These updates can only give you a small glimpse into the unique and wonderful place that is CU! We hope that they give you at least a glimpse of the excitement and joy that spending a week with God, the Cast and Crew of CU! brings.

Points for prayer:

  1. Sickness – continued bug squashing so that the Cast and Crew can make the most of their time here at CU!
  2. Energy – CU! is quite full on for all the Cast and Crew involved. Energy to get through and wisdom to know when we need to take a break would be great!
  3. Theme Night 1: Video Games Night – Day Three brings the 1st of our theme nights – Video Games Night. Prayers for the Crew putting it all together would be great.