CU!2015: Day 1

As I write this CU!2015 day 1 is drawing to a close. What a day it’s been!

The weather has been fantastic – its been a great reminder of the beauty of God’s creation. It’s also made the practicalities of getting 50+ Cast onsite and their luggage into their rooms much easier!

This afternoon we played a great set of slightly random games called “The Welcome Games” … kind of like “The Hunger Games” … except not at all …

We have been once again treated to some lovely food from the brilliant Rendcomb staff. The Chocolate cake tonight was especially good 😉

This evening Alex has kicked off the 1st of our evening meetings with Jenny leading us in sung worship.
As it’s July – the only logical way to start was to have a Christmas tree up at the front and sing a carol … Ok so that’s not very logical … But then Alex’s evening meeting was titled “Who is Jesus … (Christmas)”

The Cast are now setting into this evening “Chill Out” activities ahead of our 1st “Dusk Light” and then sleeeeeep….!!

It’s been a great 1st day here! Those of you praying for us – thank you for you support!

Points for Prayer:

  1. Homesick – for those that might not have been away before or just like being at home. Please pray they will feel welcome and “at home” here.
  2. Sickness – with 80+ people arriving onsite from all over the country it’s inevitable that some will bring some bug to share with others! Please pray that any bugs will quickly be squashed and for a week of good health for both Cast and Crew!
  3. Energy – some of the Crew are currently functioning on very little sleep due to the last minute prep and planning that inevitably needs to be done to get CU!2015 off the ground. Energy to get through until bedtime, a deep refreshing sleep and wisdom for how best to deal with things between now and that deep refreshing sleep would be great!
  4. Weather – today has been great … It would be really good if it could continue like this ….

Thanks again for your continued support! We will keep trying to keep you updated here – we are experiencing a few technical bugs with the internet access here – but we will do our best to keep posting!