CU!2015: Day 5

The end of CU!2015 is hurtling rapidly towards us 🙁 but we are not letting that spoil the time we have left here!

Today was another great day!

We had another set of great Workshop As this morning followed by more workshop extras. They included some “Manly man time” and more swimming!

But the highlight so far was definitely the Dr Who theme night! Once again the Cast and Crew have worked incredibly hard to produce some amazing costumes and to put on a fantastic few hours of entertainment and fun!

We had our very own TARDIS land in the theatre. Only to have it invaded by a series of enemies that we had to work together to fight off … These games included Chubby Adipose, “Upgrade” a team member (like the Cybermen) and the terrifying Don’t blink …

We had a great time as you will hopefully be able to tell from these pictures! (Click on the images to see them bigger!)

Points for Prayer

1 – We had a great Question Time last night. We are going to run it again. Prayers for the questions and those answering them would be great.

2 – Energy – for both Cast and Crew. We are in the home straight but CU! just gets busier as we get towards the end!

3 – Weather – its getting better all week – but the rain hasn’t negatively affected the week. Thanks for that and for it to get better as the week wraps up would be great!

Thanks again for you support