CU!2015: Day 6

As I write this I can hear the sounds of the CU!2015 Cast and Crew worshipping God drifting across the Rendcomb site.

It’s an awesome and wonderful sound.

Today the weather has been wonderful for our last “normal” day on site. Tomorrow will be filled with preparations for the final performance and our last theme night.

It was also the last of our workshops and the last of our workshop extras. The extra workshops today included the much requested prop hunt around the site and the always popular One Shot Music Video…

For those of you that haven’t yet experienced our one shot music videos here is the one from CU!2013

The Cast and Crew are given 1 hour with no preparation to produce the music video with NO edits. We press record at the beginning and keep rolling until the track finishes… Its a really fun and frantic hour!! This year had a slight twist as the cast in the Prop Hunt workshop were unwittingly gathering props for this video!

This years video … well lets just say it’s awesome…. We will post it up here once CU!2015 is over

It has been an awesome week here. God has been doing some amazing things and we are still excited and expectant for what will still happen in our last day or so together.

Points for Prayer

1 – Friday is our tech and dress rehearsal – its quite a stressy day for all of us techies! For those cast that haven’t gone through this process before it’s very different and requires a bit of patience!

2 – Friday is also our last evening meeting together – please pray for the Cast they they will use this time together in this safe place to spend time growing nearer to God.

3 – Friday is also our final theme night – so prayers for practicalities around that would be great.

4 – For those reading this as we go live Thursday evening: we are running another question time tonight so prayers for the questions an those crew giving answers would be great.

Thanks again for your support