CU!2015: Day 7

Just a brief update tonight. CU!2015 is drawing rapidly to a close and there is still quite a lot to do!

It’s been an awesome day. The weather has been glorious!!

Tomorrow we will be showing some of the things we have been getting up to this week. That meant today we had out Tech and Dress rehearsals. This make sure it goes as well as possible and also to show the process that is followed professionally .
For those of you that may have been in a tech rehearsal in the “real world” you will be glad to know we plough through ours quite quickly! It usually only takes about 1.5 hours to get through the show.

Today was also the last of our theme nights – Egyptian night! It was great fun – again the Cast and Crew showed some amazing creativity in their costumes and some of the games that they created.

Sadly the practicalities of tonight means that a full updated will have to wait until we are back  at home after Curtains Up!

Points for Prayer:

1 – Safety for those travelling to us on Saturday to pick Cast (and crew) members up

2- Energy to get through these last few hours on site 🙁

3 – Energy and safety for those travelling back home after CU!2015 – specifically for those driving.

4 – For the final performance – that the fun and excitement of CU!2015 will come across on stage!

Thanks for your support during CU!2015 – this will probably be our last update until we get back home (and realistically have a bit of sleep!!) Thanks for following along.