CU!2016 – Day 5

Day 5 was a completely Super day!! Mainly bacause it was our superhero hero theme night!! (Sorry for the bad pun – we just ran out of coffee … ! )

The workshops are really coming together and everyone seems to be having lots of fun!

In the afternoon we had another set of workshop extras including the prop hunt, rounders and some more prop making for the theme night!

Then later on the Superhero theme night kicked off! .. Literally kicked off with Harley Quinn attacking Batman … Shockingly Batman was later unmasked to reveal he was in fact our very own Matt G! We had a great set of super-games and then even more action packed fun after yet another lovely meal from the awesome Rendcomb staff.

In the evening Heidi, Helen and Zoë looked at Worry. They explored this through drama, song and spoken word. We then had a creative response looking at taking our baggage to Jesus.

We are having a great time and trying not to think too much that the end is quickly approaching.

Sorry about the brief update today – the coffee has just arrived 😉

Points for Prayer

Safety – as we reach the end of the week prayer for protection for Cast and Crew to continue to have a safe and fun week.

Practical jobs – prayers that the practical jobs we need to do get done

Evening meetings – prayers for Tim, Rachel and Em as they finish off the details of the last two nights meetings. Prayers that the words and messages that God needs spoken will be presented clearly .