CU!2016 – Day 4

CU!16 is zipping past and yet, oddly, we seem to have been here forever! We are now halfway through the week, if we are honest the end is approaching far too quickly.

But we still have LOTS of exciting things to do before the end of the week!

Day 4 was great! The main A workshops in the morning are going really well and are starting to get things together for the final performance on Saturday.

In the afternoon we had a full set of extra workshops and some of the Workshop B’s continued on. Our extra workshops included swimming, ultimate Frisbee, rounders and prop making for our next theme night.

Our Understudies had two sessions to help them in their 1st year as Crew; What does the Bible say about leadership. Understanding the  different ways we learn about and express our faith.

In the evening Shona and Mel spent the time looking at prayer. We spent time trying out different ways to pray and how we can creatively pray.

This was followed by the ever successful praise rave ! Safe to say we were the loudest and most colourful thing for a few miles !

Points for Prayer.

Energy -its midweek so some of us are definitely running on just coffee ! 

Time – time to get all the practical jobs done. Time to have the conversations and moments that God needs us to have this week. Time to have fun with the awesome CU! Community.

Theme Nights – we have our superhero theme night and our masquerade ball still to come. Prayers for the team preparing these would be great.

Thanks again for your support.