CU!2016 – Day 3

Day 3. Brings the excitement of our 1st theme night!! But more on that shortly !

It has been another great day here at CU!2016!

Once again the weather has been great! Despite the site here being huge and the days very busy, I’m quite sure all that exercise is cancelled out by the lovely Rendcomb food!

We had a relatively normal day today – well as normal as things here are!! But at 4pm a crack team of crew started transforming the theatre in preparation for the “Household Objects” theme night!

Just in case you are wondering our theme nights come from suggestions from the CU! Cast and are voted by them on-site this year for next year.

We had a great selection of household objects themed games (yep that is possible !!) As well as the return of some old favourites, including the return of chubby bunnies … ! This time it was sadly cut short by the cast managing to get through the three bags of marshmallows. But to be honest by that point we had probably seen quite enough of the marshmallows on their exit from mouths to the bins ..

Our after dinner notices were interrupted by a flashmob from some of the crew .. but order was quickly resumed as we headed back into the theatre for the continuation of the theme night.

In the evening meeting Adam and Naomi looked at Anger, Vengeance and justice. We had dance, drama and some wise words! We even mentioned Brexit … 

Points for prayer

  • Rest – For a variety of reasons some of the Crew are not getting good night’s sleep. Please pray for peace and protection for Cast and Crew as we recharge overnight.
  • Weather – again today was great – looking later in the week it doesn’t look as good. But prayers for the weather that God wants us to have and the wisdom for the Crew to adapt as needed depending on what the weather is.
  • Good conversations – CU! Is an amazing place where God does amazing things – please pray for time and space for good conversations to happen.

    Thanks again for your support.