CU!2016 – Day 2

Day 2 is our 1st full day at CU! Happily a little bit of rain didn’t dampen the mood! 

In the morning we started up our full set of main workshops and met with our study groups for the 1st time. 

After eating possibility slightly too much of the lovely Rendcomb food we launched into the afternoon. This was also packed with the 1st workshop B’s and the 1st slot of our Workshop extras.

The workshop extras are …erm … Extra workshops that the cast can sign up for on-site. Today we had a wide range: “Afternoon Tea” some of the results are pictured above! Swimming .. in the outside pool which the little bit of rain didn’t affect! We also ran an identity seminar and did some prop making for Day 3’s theme night.

The evening was also busy! Whilst the tech team was dealing with some issues we had some great drama games to warm us up for the evening meeting. Saira, Rick and Bethany looking at salt and light with a brilliant “spicy” drama. 

Points for Prayer

  • Continuing energy for Cast and Crew.
  • Day 3 brings our 1st theme night – payers for the prep and for the evening itself would be great.
  • Practical details – all the little behind the scenes bits that need doing – prayers for wisdom and energy for the Crew that are sorting these.
  • Weather – makes a really big difference it’s been a nice mix of sunshine but not too hot !