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CU!2016 – Day 2

Day 2 is our 1st full day at CU! Happily a little bit of rain didn’t dampen the mood! 

In the morning we started up our full set of main workshops and met with our study groups for the 1st time. 

After eating possibility slightly too much of the lovely Rendcomb food we launched into the afternoon. This was also packed with the 1st workshop B’s and the 1st slot of our Workshop extras.

The workshop extras are …erm … Extra workshops that the cast can sign up for on-site. Today we had a wide range: “Afternoon Tea” some of the results are pictured above! Swimming .. in the outside pool which the little bit of rain didn’t affect! We also ran an identity seminar and did some prop making for Day 3’s theme night.

The evening was also busy! Whilst the tech team was dealing with some issues we had some great drama games to warm us up for the evening meeting. Saira, Rick and Bethany looking at salt and light with a brilliant “spicy” drama. 

Points for Prayer

  • Continuing energy for Cast and Crew.
  • Day 3 brings our 1st theme night – payers for the prep and for the evening itself would be great.
  • Practical details – all the little behind the scenes bits that need doing – prayers for wisdom and energy for the Crew that are sorting these.
  • Weather – makes a really big difference it’s been a nice mix of sunshine but not too hot !

CU!2016 – Day 1

Well we were off to a cracking start ! So good in fact that it is already Day 2 and I haven’t had the chance to write up the day!

It was a great 1st day! We had lots of fun during the welcome games – only a few people got quite wet …

The Rendcomb staff provided a lovely evening meal.. some of us may have eaten quite a lot of the chocolate pudding…

In the evening Matt G and Alex led the evening meeting – exploring the priorities of the kingdom of God. Matt G’s alter ego Quizmaster Kurt Irons made his 1st appearance! 

Bed time came too soon for most people! Well except for someone the crew who *may* be slightly lacking in sleep …

It’s been a great 1st day and we are really excited about the rest of the week!

Points For Prayer

  • Health – with lots of people coming from all over the country bring their own special germs there is unfortunately a big chance of illness.  Prayers for protection and good health would be great!
  • Energy for Cast and Crew – it’s a packed week and some of the crew are a bit exhausted from a busy timw getting the site setup.
  • This week can zoom past it would be great for all the Cast and Crew to have a great week. Prayers for inclusion for everyone and that people will quickly geel at home would be great!

Thanks again for your support

CU!2016 – DAY 0

CU!2016 - Day 0We have arrived!

Well the small advanced party of Crew has arrived!! We are getting the site ready for the arrival of the rest of the CU!16 Crew at lunchtime.

Rendcomb is look beautiful and the sun is shining! We are really excited and looking forward to what is looking like an amazing week!

The only slightly worrying thing is that according to our new coffee machine we have already drunk 30 mugs of coffee .. between four of us..

Prayer Points:

  • Safe Travels for the CU!16 Crew as they make their way to site.
  • Productive planning and preparation time purposely participated by the Crew.
  • We have a big team this year all coming from different backgrounds and experience. Please pray for the next 24 hours or so as God forms us into the team He needs us to be this week.
  • Wisdom and energy for Em and the planning team as we run through the planning session and final prep for the start of CU!2016.  Specifically that we will cover everything that we need to for the week ahead. (Some of us are running on coffee and not much sleep!)

Thanks again for your support.

CU!2016: Walk With Me – Nearly Here!

CU!2016: Walk With Me is NEARLY here!!WALK WITH ME LOGO

The Crew are currently spread all over the country putting the final details in place for what is looking like another amazing year! They will be reunited on THIS Friday when the arrive onsite early to prepare for the Cast arrival on Saturday

CU!2016 Planning WeekendA few weeks ago the Crew got together at our prep weekend near Swindon. We prayed, started some of the final practical prep and planning for CU!2016. It was a great weekend and we left even more excited for this year!

If you are not joining us this year we are hoping to post updates to our website as the week goes on. If all of the tech works correctly you should be able to find links to the updates on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Unfortunately  internet access onsite is sometime patchy but we will do our best to keep you updated!