CU!2016: Walk With Me – Nearly Here!

CU!2016: Walk With Me is NEARLY here!!WALK WITH ME LOGO

The Crew are currently spread all over the country putting the final details in place for what is looking like another amazing year! They will be reunited on THIS Friday when the arrive onsite early to prepare for the Cast arrival on Saturday

CU!2016 Planning WeekendA few weeks ago the Crew got together at our prep weekend near Swindon. We prayed, started some of the final practical prep and planning for CU!2016. It was a great weekend and we left even more excited for this year!

If you are not joining us this year we are hoping to post updates to our website as the week goes on. If all of the tech works correctly you should be able to find links to the updates on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Unfortunately  internet access onsite is sometime patchy but we will do our best to keep you updated!