CU!2014 – Day 3

It’s day 3 of CU!2014 – where has the time gone!!

Today is the 1st of this years theme nights. Its the Board Games Theme Night!!

We have had a VERY creative set of costumes this year. Some are very complex an have clearly taken ages to put together. Others are simple but brilliant! My personal favourite so far are the people who came as scrabble pieces. Simple but brilliant!

We have had great fun playing giant versions of board games before dinner! We have got a giant version of battleships in the theatre, giant draughts, giant guess who (called guess crew!) and a not so giant but still good fun round of pictionary!

Dinner was up to it’s usual very high standard here at Rendcomb (Chicken and Mushroom pie followed by chocolate sponge for those who are interested! There was a Vegetarian option obviously but I have to be honest I didn’t catch what it was … Sorry I’m sure it was lovely!!) Once we had all had our fill we heading back into the theatre for a final Giant Game – Noughts and Crosses played with 30 people in each team and 16 chairs … It looked incredibly good fun. But it has to be said those that had managed to tuck away 3rd’s of the Chocolate pudding were not exactly moving around at top speed by this stage 😉

As I write this Tim and his team are looking at Stephen’s story in the evening meeting. If I don’t get chance to update later tonight I will fill you in tomorrow!

It’s been noticeably cooler here today – its now “just about right” – not too hot or too cold! Its been a great day so far – lots of very happy faces walking around site.

Points for prayer

  • Continued energy for the Crew and Cast so they can get the most out of the week.
  • That those that God is trying to talk with will take time out to stop, listen and respond.
  • Thanks for the great start to the week.
  • Thanks for the amazing Crew who are working so hard to make CU!2014 the amazing year it is.
  • Thanks for the Cast who are making CU!2014 so special.

Thank you all for your continued prayer support – we really appreciate it!