CU!2014 – Day 2

orry for the lack of updates – we lost our very limited internet onsite on Sunday! Happily its backup now so we are doing our best to catch up.

Day 2 at CU! is slightly confusing as it’s our 1st full day!! Its also what we call a “normal” day – not that much is normal at CU!

Today saw the start of our workshops – with everything from Dance to Film, Visual Arts to Musical Theatre running across the site. The 1st workshops are always a really exciting time! The Crew get to discover what gifts and skills this years amazing Cast have brought to CU! It looks like we have, once again, got an amazing cast here at CU!2014

Day One also saw the start of our study groups. Many groups met outside – taking advantage of the lovely weather and the beautiful grounds here at Rendcomb.

It was also the 1st of our optional workshop slots. These are workshops that the Cast can sign up for on the day. We have previously put on a really wide range of sessions in here. Unsurprisingly the chance to have a swim in the lovely outside pool here at Rendcomb proved VERY popular!

In the evening meeting we looked at Peter. We heard about his path from denial of Jesus through to being on fire with the Holy Spirit. Zoe did an excellent “this is your life” style interview with a number of Crew playing the part of Peter though the different stages of his life. There was chance to respond in different ways to a number of questions that were posed for us to think about.

It’s been a great 1st full day here. So much to be thankful to God for! Prayer for continued energy and for people to make time and space to listen to what God is saying to them would be great.

Thanks again for your support here.