CU! 2014 – Day 5

Once again another brilliant day is starting to draw to a close here at CU!2014.

As I write this the evening meeting is still happening and will be followed by chill out time. I did hear talk of Chocolate Pizza tonight in one of the chill out sessions ….

Even thought the potential of chocolate pizza being AWESOME I still don’t think it will out-awesome the … erm awesome Under The Sea theme night that we had today.

The Crew did a fantastic job of putting together some very creative decorations for the theatre and planning a great set of games for the evening. However, despite their outstanding effort – they have been outdone by the cast who have put a HUGE amount of effort into their costumes!

We have got some great pictures – which unfortunately don’t show some of the best costumes as early on in the evening the crew were required to break out the water pistols …. well it is Under The Sea Night…

It turns out that if you build a submarine out of cardboard boxes … try to cram your study group inside …. and then run around the site trying to find little orange and white striped  fish (can you tell what we did there ..?!!) … well lets just say they don’t survive long … especially when attacked with waterpistols … It’s also safe to say that the team that decided a window was a good addition to a submarine … well it wasn’t a good idea ….

We are rapidly heading towards the end of our time together this year 🙁 It is great however to see things starting to come together. Both in the workshops and through time with God in the study groups and evening meetings. It has been an amazing time together this year and we are really looking forward to seeing what will happen the rest of the week!

Points for prayer:

Weather – it has been spot on for most of the week! It would be great to get to the end of the week with the good weather we have had so far. Especially as we haven’t  had our customary BBQ yet ….

Time – CU! is such a special time. Both Cast and Crew need to be able to get the most out of the increasingly limited time here.

Home – As we get towards the end of the week we start thinking about the realities of retuning home. Preparation both for those at home and for those returning home for everyone to best continue the journey that we have been on together this week.

Final Performance – The final performance is a collection of what we have been up to in the week. Getting it together can be a bit of a stress so peace and wisdom would be great for all those involved.

Thanks again for all of your support.