CU!2019 – Day 7+8

CU!2019 is now over – it has been a fantastic year – hopefully that has come across in these posts!

As I mentioned the busyness of the final two days meant that I didn’t get chance to update this – really sorry about that!

Day 7 – was our last full day here at CU!2019 – it was a packed day with our tech rehearsal in the morning and then our dress rehearsal in the afternoon. Followed by our fantastic Murder Mystery Theme night and final evening meeting.

The Tech and Dress rehearsals was our 1st chance to get into the awesome purpose built theatre that we have onsite here at Luckley House. It is a really great, well equipped venue that we are SO happy to be using! It was fantastic just to walk in and within 30 mins be welcoming the Cast into the space to start the tech.

Considering the tech team hadn’t seen the venue before – we managed to get the tech done without too many issues, the dress then also went really well. It was so good to see the pieces that the Cast and Crew had been working on during the week coming together so well!

We then went into our final theme night – it was a murder mystery run by Susie and her team! It was great evening of puzzles, games and action! The Cast and Crew looked great in their “posh” outfits that they had brought to attend dinner at “Luckley Manor”. In what is a recurring theme Alex’s character was again the victim of the murder… don’t take it personally ….

Em, Naomi, Salome and their team ran the evening meeting around the theme “Jesus is Alive”. We started off in the theatre and then moved around the site. We watched through the glass wall of the Theatre Foyer as some of the Cast and Cast did a fantastic movement piece around Jesus rising from the tomb. It was a great evening meeting that had lots of creative ways to respond and explore deeper.

Day 8 – our final day at CU!2019. The morning is always a slightly mad rush as we get the site cleaned cleared and tidied. We aim to get as much done before the final performance which starts at 11am. This year the Cast and Crew did a great job and the site was looking really good when it came to us all heading over to the theatre.

The Final Performance was a great snapshot of what we have been up to this year at CU!2019. Being in the theatre space was fantastic – but the quality of the workshops this year really shone through. Especially some of the optional ones or the B workshops that only run for a few times in the week.

Its always hard to get to the end of CU! and this year was no exception. The community that forms during the week is such a special and supportive place – its a community that keeps going throughout the year. But the time together in the summer just can’t be beaten!

As a member of the Crew and and one of the three overall leaders it has personally been such an honour to serve with this fantastic Crew this year. Moving sites again and running with a smaller team had the potential to make things more difficult – but the crew have worked together fantastically to run another fantastic year.

When we have confirmed news about CU!2020 we will post it here – at the moment we only know that the theme will be CU!2020 – The Journey

Points for Prayer

  • Safe travel for all of our Cast and Crew (some traveling back overseas)
  • Rest and recuperation for the Crew staying onsite as we prepare for Centre Stage
  • That God will continue to work in the lives of the Cast and Crew as they emerge from the CU!2019 bubble.
  • That the post-CU!-blues will not hit hard! That the CU! community will be a great support for each other and that we will all find the support communities local to us at home.
  • For Centre Stage as we start the final preparations before the Crew Arrival on Monday Afternoon
  • For CU!2020 – planning has already started – prayers for wisdom for the Communication team and Her office as we start to put things in place for next year.

Thanks again for your support this year, till next time

Matt and the CU!2019 Crew