Centre Stage – Day 1

As I’m sure you have spotted – this year the Curtains Up! team have launched a new holiday called Centre Stage. It is running at the same site as Curtains Up! with a younger age group the week after CU! This year the team is made up of a mix of CU!2019 Crew, CU!2018 Crew, New Crew and for the 1st time Jr Team. We are going to be doing daily updates on here during Centre Stage. So if you are here for the CU! content – don’t worry you haven’t missed a secret second week of CU!2019!

Day 1

Day 1 at Centre Stage was amazing! As this was the 1st ever day, on the 1st EVER Centre Stage it was a packed day full of new things. For the team who also did CU! last week – it was also a day of “old” things in a new holiday – But we have managed to have 24 hours off between the holidays so its not quite as odd as we thought it may have been !

The morning of Day 1 saw Rachel and Em leading the CS Crew in their final preparations and training ahead of the Cast arrival in the afternoon.

Lunch was another fantastic salad and sandwich combo from the in-house catering team – quickly followed by the final preps for the Cast arrival!

With all of the Cast on-site we kicked off the VERY FIRST Centre Stage in the meeting room with our “Main Event”. The Main Event is a slot in the day where we spend time together looking at the topic for the day. This could include drama, dance, games singing with Susie and the band or anything else that is helpful to explore the topic.

Day One saw the tech team exploring the topic of Creation. We sent some time is our small groups working on creating a Team Logo, Team Theme Song and a Team Creation from Lego Blocks.

This then led into us spending a bit of time thinking about how long it must have taken to create some more complex lego creations and how amazing they were. We then looked at the Creation God has built and thought about our place within it – finishing by all creating something one creation from the blocks we had used within our teams creations.

After the Main Event we had a bit of chill out time before another awesome meal provided by the fantastic Luckley House Catering Team. Seconds were had… and even thirds …

The evening saw the 1st of our sessions in our small groups looking back on the day and praying for each other if we wanted to. We then had a great set of chill out activities and games in the Green Room. Before heading off to bed!

It was a fantastic start to Centre Stage 2019 !! We are all really excited to be here and play our parts in this amazing event !

Points For Prayer

  • That the Crew who have been here for CU! continue to have the energy they need to run CS
  • That the Cast and Crew really enjoy all of the activities that we have got planned and that the Crew will adapt things as needed as we work out the details of that what Centre Stage looks like.
  • For the Cast that they will not get too homesick. Also that the Cast and Crew will be a great support for anyone that is missing home.
  • That the weather doesn’t dampen our spirits – we are inside for most of the week – but rain is always … wet ….!
  • That Centre Stage will be the week that God wants it to be and if that is not the path that we are leading the holiday down then we will hear and follow His guidance!

Thanks again for all of your support

Matt and the Centre Stage 2019 Crew