Centre Stage – Day 2

Day 2 brings the 1st full day at Centre Stage! It was a great day!

We had a great time in our workshops where we all got chance to try out singing, drama, dance and musical theatre. On Day 3 we will pick our options to start putting something together for the sharing on the last day.

Alex took us on a whistle stop tour through the bible in the Main Event with a great drama and a wide range of ways to get involved and explore the message afterwards. The Lego and Plasticine were particularly popular!

The food again was … AMAZING … however the pulled pork followed by chocolate sponge pudding may have resulted in many Crew wanting a post dinner nap !!!

The evening saw the Centre Stage debut of the frankly life changing event that is …. Chocolate Pizza … yep pizza , with chocolate .. and cheese …. Sounds wrong but is so, so right … !

We are having a great time here and can’t wait to see what else this week has in store for us! Of course Day 3 brings our Theme Day …


We may be slightly excited about this …

Points for Prayer

  • Energy for Cast and Crew – again to make sure we get to enjoy the amazing week that God has planned for us to the full!
  • Sleep – directly connected to point 1 … Some of the cast are not exactly keen on the whole sleep things (we get it Centre Stage is a VERY exciting place to be!) but when lack of sleep means that it’s keeping others awake or even being late for breakfast … Not so great…
  • Study Group Times – that God will really guide the Crew to ensure that the best possible chats and discussions can be had during the times these groups are meeting – and also in the times when we are all just hanging out together !

Thanks again for your continued support!

Matt and the Centre Stage 2019 Crew