Centre Stage – Day 3+4

We have packed so much in to Centre Stage 2019 I haven’t had chance to sit down and update you all ! Sorry about that !

Day 3 was a most wonderful time of the (CS2019) year … as it was CHRISTMAS !! We had such fun ! The Crew were up slightly late putting up the Christmas Tree and decorations. Even the in house catering team got in on the action with more decorations and a FULL Christmas Dinner for us all !!! It was amazing !!!

The afternoon saw Rachel lead us through our 1st Theme Day (Christmas obviously!!) Packed full of great Christmas themed games and costumes!

This was followed by our Main Event where again Rachel and the Crew led us as we spent time looking at the Christmas Story. We went on an actual journey ourselves around the site as we met various characters from the Christmas Story. It was a great way to explore the story that we all know so well.

Following the fabulous Christmas dinner – once again the Crew may have wanted a nap – but they battled though to provide a packed evening of entertainment and chill out time. Including a great time outside playing frisbee as the sun was setting !

Day 4 was another (obviously) great day ! The weather is definitely a lot cooler and wetter than when we arrived – but as most of what we do is inside it isn’t causing issues !

We have started to finish off the pieces we want to share to the folks coming to pickup the Cast at the end of Centre Stage on Sunday. We are also having some great time hanging out and playing games, chatting and consuming slightly too much sugar from the tuck shop together!

We had workshops in Dance, Drama, Singing and Visual Arts. As well as a set of extra workshops in tech, chill out and Drama games.

This afternoon’s main even was a really moving meeting looking at the Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus. It was a really great example of what the Centre Stage Crew do so well. We had Drama, Spoken Word Poetry, Sung Worship, Song, creative responses and further explorations. All wrapped up with some creative Tech to really enhance the meeting. It was a really special time for the Cast and Crew. We really felt God moving as we explored it together.

Day 5+6 bring the last days at Centre Stage 2019. We have had so much fun already – but we are really excited about the last 2 days – not only for what we have got planned but also to see what God does.

Points for Prayer

  • Day 5 is our 1st ever Centre Stage Dress Rehearsal – we are really looking forward to getting into the theatre. Prayers for a smooth and positive process as we put the final touches to the little snapshot that we want to show at the end of the week would be great.
  • Energy – especially the holiday draws to its end. Some of the Crew have been on site for over 2 weeks now and we also have a couple team having to leave slightly early. So energy for those that are still here as we finish Centre Stage and then pack everything up. / clean the site to handover to the next holiday!
  • God’s voice – that we will all hear it clearly as we rush around in the last few days together.
  • Health – protection or the Cast and Crew that illness won’t affect the last of our time together .

As you can probably guess – activities at the end of the holiday may mean I won’t be able to update this until we are all home safely! I will try ! But I will send and update once we are all home!

Thanks again for all of you support

Matt and the Centre Stage 2019 Crew