CU!2019 – Day 5

Today was another packed day at CU!2019 ! as a result this update will be slightly shorter than normal!

Today saw the return of one of our most popular one off workshops – The One Shot Music Video!

This year our long standing (suffering?) camera operator couldn’t make it to CU! but he was there in spirit as we named the Camera we used “Rick” … We had great fun with nearly all of the CU!2019 Cast putting together this years video! It will be shown for the 1st time in the performance we put together at the end of the week for the people coming to pickup the Cast.. It’s looking good ..

Today was also the second of our three theme nights – History Night. Naomi and her team ran a great evening as we traveled back in time through the various eras of time – back to the present day just in time for the evening meeting! As always the costumes that the Cast created were outstanding! Some of the cast were genuinely unrecognisable!

This evening Mel, Mark and the Understudies led the evening meeting. The Understudies is the name we give to the Crew who have joined us for the 1st time after being Cast with us in the previous year. They get a separate time together during the week to help them with the transition from Cast to Crew.

It has been a fantastic day but with thoughts already turning to the the end of this year we are very aware we want to make the most of the time we have here.

Friday brings our last “normal” day and then on Saturday, in a 1st for CU!, we move over to the fully equipped theatre onsite to put together our final performance. We are really looking forward to it as it’s a beautiful little venue.

Points For Prayer

  • That the preparations for the end of the week go well and that we listen for what God wants to happen in the last few days together.
  • For Heidi, Lucy and Saira as they prepare Day 6 (Friday’s) evening meeting looking at the Jesus’ Trial and Crucification
  • For the Cast as they come towards the end of CU! – that they will take time to spend learning what God wants to teach them this week.
  • Energy for the Cast and Crew!!
  • For the Mini Crew Team (an amazing bunch of folks who come to look after the children of the Crew who are too young to come along as Cast). Sue and her team run a fantastic set of activities for the Mini-Crew for the whole week – its an exhausting task but we are so blessed by the work she puts in.
  • For the site staff – they have looked after us so well (no plumbing miracle yet)

Thanks again for your continued support

Matt and the CU!2019 Crew