CU!2019 – Day 4

Today it rained … Actual wet rain .. for about 5 minutes … so apart from the start of an outside Drama workshop warm up that quickly turned into a “find some shelter” drama exercise … its didn’t really affect what we were doing!

Today was a “normal” day here at CU!2019… Well I have to be honest there is not really such a thing as a “normal” day at CU! but today was about as normal as it gets !

We had our Workshops As and Study Groups this morning and then this afternoon some of us continued our Workshop B or had some time in another set of workshops – Workshop C is our final set of workshops for the day where the Cast get to pick what they want to do. We had a wide range of options including Pizza making, making props for our next theme night and a monologues masterclass.

It is all still going really well. As I have been saying the site here has been fantastic! We have a small issue where the showers on the boys corridor don’t have any hot water due to building works – we have got alternative showers for them elsewhere! But the lack of convenience isn’t great – especially for some of the boys who need no excuse to not shower… The site are working really hard to fix it and keep us updated. That said prayers for a miraculous plumbing event would be great!

The food is again fantastic – the biggest issue is that its so good that some of us need a post dinner nap due to the amount of great food provided!

The study groups seem to becoming a great place to share and discuss – with some great conversations happening. There wasn’t any bread making in todays study groups (unlike yesterdays) that said they did get to eat the bread they made yesterday! Well … I’m not sure the “Romans” study group managed that. They somehow appear to have made a brick rather than a loaf of bread ….

Tonight in the evening meeting Rachel, Sue and Sam are exploring Matthew 18:1-4, 20:20-20 – “Who is the greatest?”. As I write the meeting is still going on but I can hear the sounds of the Cast and Crew being led in Worship by Susie, drifting across the site. Really wonderful.

Its really great to be spending time with the fantastic Cast and Crew of CU!2019. They are an amazing bunch of people and it is so good to see God working in and through them this week.

Prayer Requests

  • For a miraculous plumbing event resulting in hot water for the boys showers.
  • For Mark, Mel and the Understudies – sadly not the name of a band – but actually our team leading Night 5’s evening meeting “The Rich Young Man”
  • For Naomi and the team as they prepare the “History” theme night … which may have a “horrible” theme ….
  • For energy for the Cast and Crew – we pack so much in and people have so much fun – often people get quite tired due to not wanting to miss out. Energy and also wisdom for working out when it may be best to head for a nap or early bed!
  • That we will all make time to listen to what God wants to whisper in our ears week. Also that we will have the wisdom to discern that it is God.
  • For the Crew who are going onto lead on Centre Stage our sister holiday that runs immediately after Curtains Up! Not just for energy so that we can make Centre Stage as awesome as it can be but also for wisdom to help us as the final things are put in place for the week

If you would like to support Centre Stage in prayer and keep up to date with what we get up to the remember to sign up for the Centre Stage prayer email.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Matt and the CU!2019 Team