CU!2019 – Day 3

Today it rained…. FUN …

Sorry the exhaustion is starting to set in!! It did actually rain but only for a little bit and only during the second part of our 80s theme night – which actually helped to cool us all down a bit!

Not to sound like a broken record but it has been ANOTHER great day here at CU!2019 !!

The Cast and Crew continue to have a great time. We are all settling into the site and are not getting lost as often! The site continue to be really supportive and the food continues to be fantastic.

This next point may come as a shock for any parents reading this … but tonight we asked if they could cook us some MORE vegetables as we realised during dinner serving that we were about to run out! Apparently the CU! Cast and Crew consume a surprisingly large amount of vegetables … !

The workshops continue to go really well and lots of fun seems to be being had! Our study groups have been going really well – I have heard lots of positive comments from the Crew. It was great today to wander about the site and see it scattered with our awesome Cast and Crew sitting in small groups, Bibles out, chatting things through together. The study groups session today started with bread making ! It was a great team activity – and will hopefully have a tasty outcome !

Today was out 1st theme night. Alex was in charge for the awesome 80s night. Depressingly for some of the Crew a significant chunk of the Crew have not experienced the 80s in person … but we think tonight the Cast and Crew were given a taste of some of the highlights of the era! Alex put together a great evening with an observation round based on the film Back to the Future, there was a human version of Pong … match the song to the intro … and of course a mini 80s disco !!

This being Curtains Up! we turned the meeting room around and within 45 mins of the end of the 80s night we were back in the meeting room for the evening meeting. The sounds of the Cast and Crew dancing and singing along to some 80s classics were replaced with the Cast and Crew singing along with Susie and the band worshiping God together. Great stuff.

Points for Prayer

  • For the final issues with the site to be resolved easily tomorrow.
  • For continued energy for the Cast and Crew to make sure they have the best possible CU! that God wants them have this week.
  • For the study groups – that they will be a really special time to spend together learning more about God and how we can continue doing this after we leave this week together here.
  • Thanks for all of what God has done in the lives of the Cast already – and praise for what he will still do.
  • Wisdom for the Crew so that we create the CU! that God wants this week – not just the one we want.
  • For Rachel, Sam and Sue as they put the finishing touches to their Day 4 evening meeting “who is the greatest?”

Thanks again for your continued support

Matt and the CU!2019 Crew