CU!2019 – Day 2

Another day is drawing to a close here as CU!2019. It has been another great day (as you would expect!!)

The Cast and Crew all slept … Judging by some of the faces this morning at breakfast I think some may be sharing rooms that people that snore … But this doesn’t appear to be dampening their employment! It may be increasing the crews caffeine intake however!

Day 2 is our 1st full day. Its also our 1st day of workshops and study groups. It all seems to be going really well – we have a FANTASTIC Crew keeping things running smoothly this year! Also our Cast for CU!2019 are an AWESOME group of young people.

The staff on site are helping us out with the few remaining little things we need to run an even better CU! they are a really great team and its been a real pleasure to work with them this year.

This evening Helga, Laura and Sophie have been leading the evening meeting looking at the parables of the treasure and the pearl. They have transformed the meeting room into a TV studio for an exclusive new show (that looks quite a lot like the price is right ….)

The food has again been awesome !! We have a lot of very full Cast and Crew after dinner this evening !

The weather is still quite warm – and the very small amount of rain hasn’t affected what we have been getting up to!

Points For Prayer

  • Energy for the Crew – the excitement of the start of the holiday has now passed. Cast and crew energy to sustain the activities that we have for the eat of the week would be great!
  • Day 3’s evening meeting is looking at “Jesus feeds more that 5000 people”. Please pray for Adam, Skye-Marie and Susie as they put the finishing touches to their meeting.
  • Day 3 also as our 1st Theme Night – 80’s Night !! Please pray for Alex and the team as they finish the preparations and then run the evening!
  • Please also pray for the Cast – that they will continue to have fun! But also that they will learn more about God and experience His love this week.

Thanks again or you support!

Matt and the Curtains Up! Team