CU!2019 – Day 1

As I write this Day 1 of Curtains Up 2019 is starting to draw to a close. It has been a fantastic start!

This is our 1st year at Luckley House School but having moved last year from our long term home of Rendcomb up to Lancaster – we are getting quite good at moving sites!

The site here has been fantastic!! We are quickly settling in and finding our way around. It has some great spaces and we cant quite get over how nearby all of them are! We are quite used to moving around the site taking a good 4-5 mins to get from one area to another. Now if it takes that long you have gotten lost, chatted to some Cast, found the correct route, chatted some more and arrived!

The Crew have now been onsite for just over 24 packed hours of training, preparation, getting lost and setting up the site. The Cast all arrived safely this afternoon and after a bit of time to get unpacked we kicked off in our “Meeting Room” with the Official Welcome – this then went straight into our welcome game.

The teams had 7 areas with various five minute tasks ranging from create a team theme song to ask a Holiday Leader any question… We had questions like “Where do we put the biscuits we brought” to ” What kitchen utensil do you most associate yourself with” to “why are you a Christian”

The evening meal was a really lovely homemade curry with a selection of alternatives for all of our various dietary requirements! A very yummy start to the holiday.

Tonight Alex led the evening meeting exploring the Parable Of The Sower. The Crew put together a great sketch looking at this and it revealed we have at least one very talented artist on the Crew this year…! Suzie and her band led us in excellent sung worship – its always a huge privilege to watch the Crew who often haven’t led worship together until today settle so quickly into a fantastic band.

We are really excited about CU!2019 and can’t wait to see what God will do during the week!!

Points for prayer

-Thanks for the safe arrivals and great start to CU!2019 at Luckley House
-Quick and easy resolutions on the few practical issues with the site that are outstanding .
-For the Cast and Crew as they start Day 2 – specifically workshops and study groups which run for the 1st time on Day 2.
-For the Helga, Laura and Sophie running the second evening meeting looking at The Parables of the Treasure and the Pearl

Thanks again for your support and encouragement

Matt and The Curtains Up! Crew