Curtains Up! 2023 – Day 5

Another busy day here at CU!2023 with Day 5 seeing our last “normal” day 🙁

It was a great day with lots of fun in our last “normal” set of workshops in the morning. We also had a special visitor for the day – Rachel – from the CU!2022 Crew who came back to visit for the day and to run our ever popular One Shot Music Video – we had a GREAT time putting together the video in just an hour! This year’s theme is based around friendship … so you may be able to guess the tune we used … we will publish it to our youtube channel once we are back and unpacked from CU!2023

To keep you entertained until then – this is last years video:

Please continue to pray for us as we get to the end of the week!

  • For the final preparations in the workshops – as we start to gather bits together to put into the final show
  • That God will speak loudly in our ears as it is getting towards the end of the week and we are all a … little bit … tired!
  • For the practical preparations for the final show
  • For the Cast & Crew – that God will start to prepare our hearts as we start to think about heading home to “normal” life