Curtains Up! 2023 – Final Update

Day 6 (Saturday in the real world!) was such a great day. It was our last full day at CU!2023 and we packed it full of fun and friendship! The morning saw our workshops have a chance to try the things we are putting in the final performance out on stage in the beautiful Whitty Theatre. We sorted out the technical requirements for and made sure everyone knew how to get on and off stage!

The afternoon we had our full Dress Rehearsal – which was a great chance to make sure everyone knew how the show was going to run. it was great to have a sneak peak at tomorrow’s show and for everyone to get a chance to see what the other groups have been upto in their workshops.

The main event saw the Crew helping us look back over the week and all that we have learnt. It was a really great mix of celebration, quiet reflection of where we had traveled with God over the week and what was next.

The evening saw the last of out theme nights with our “British Icons” theme night, It was SO much fun with loads of very creative ideas for costumes. The evening was hosted by our very own version of Claudia Winkleman – well actual three versions as we tried to work out which trator in the Crew had drunk Heidi’s hot chocolate …

We also had special surprise for Curtains Up!’s very own icon Alex – who after 20 years on the Crew will be retiring this year. We will miss him hugely. He has made a massive difference to CU! over the years. As a small token of appreciation we presented him with a memories book with comments and pictures from cast and crew, past and present.

Day 7 was a bit of a blur! The morning saw a frantic rush to empty our rooms so the cleaners can get in to prepare the rooms ahead of the next holiday. We then had a warm up and final preparation on stage. Then at 11am we kicked off our final performance. It was great to be able to give the friends and family of CU!2023 a little glimpse into what we had been getting up to during the week.

Unfortunately, once home we have now had multiple confirmed cases of Covid-19 🙁 thankfully most of us are suffering the symptoms of a very unpleasant cold and nothing more serious at the moment. This is also part of the reason this final email reaches you slightly latter than planned!

We have really appreciated your support though this week. We would really appreciate prayers for the following:

  • Health & Healing – primarily for those suffering from covid-19 after CU!23 – but also for all of the Cast & Crew as we all recover in various ways from the amazing week we have had together.
  • God’s clear voice – as we drift away from the temporary community of CU!23 we will all continue to hear God’s voice clearly in our “normal” lives and continue our journeys with Him.
  • Support & Nurture through the year – That God will help us all to find and maintain support at home now that we are away from the CU! community. (Crew are no longer allowed to maintain contact with the Cast through the year)
  • CU!2024 – yes we are already thinking and planning for CU!24 – we don’t know what or when – but we do know that we will be running in some form! Please pray as we start to form plans and ideas that all of them will be God guided.

As always, the latest news about CU!2023 will here on our website. We will also send out an update on our prayer email.