Curtains Up! 2023 – Day 2

Happy Christmas!!

Don’t worry we are not stuck in some weird time traveling adventure – but Day 2 at CU!2023 was “Christmas” !

We had another great day with the full start of our workshops and our 1st workshop extra sessions (chosen by the cast in the morning) We also had our 1st Theme night which saw an evening packed with Christmas themed games and activities. With of course lots of very Christmassy outfits and costumes!

In the Main Event and study groups we looked at the Christmas story including new ways to look at something that is so well known to most of us. We had a drama in the style of a film trailer for a tense dramatic new film called “Delivered” (Which may have had quite significant similarities to the Liam Neeson Film “Taken” …

We also had an excellent retelling of the story with a Minecraft animation – created by one of our very talented Cast members!

We are having a great time as we settle in here – but are equally very aware that with us being a day shorter this year we can already see then end of the week rapidly approaching! So if you could pray for us generally and specifically the following:

  • Tiredness – is starting to creep in as we get through the busy week! Please pray for energy and the wisdom to take a pause if we need it.
  • Wet weather – we are mostly inside but for the brief times we are outside – safety and dryness! Especially for those that may have planned for “summer” rather than “english summer”
  • A clear voice from God to guide us through the week.