Curtains Up! Day 1

Curtains Up! 2023 has officially started! The weather has a been a bit damp for some of the day – which did mean our Crew who were positioned outside to welcome the Cast had a good chance to test out their waterproofs and umbrellas.

It is great to have everyone back together on site again – we have been having lots of fun already. Alex & Esther have already led us through our 1st Main Event where we looked at the WHOLE of the old testament in one session…. Sam & the Band led us in some great sung worship and we had a great video cramming the whole of the Bible into 5 minutes!

This evening we have managed to cram in a great set of welcome games into our 1st “Evening Events” and we are now having a bit of chill out time before heading towards bed.

All of the Cast have arrived safely and are starting to settle in. We are finding that, especially in these post-covid times, this can be an even bigger adjustment than it was a few years ago. But its great to see our Cast (& crew) welcoming everyone (old and new) into the CU! community!

We really appreciate prayer support this week – it is so encouraging knowing that so many folks are praying for us all. For day 1 we would really appreciate prayer for the following:

  • That God will guide the Cast along the path that He want them to walk this week & that He will give clear pokes to the Crew to help the cast along that path.
  • Food – its always a tricky balance to cater for 40+ folks with a VERY wide range of allergies and intolerance – that’s even before you throw in “I don’t really like that” … Prayers for those struggling with food this week and for the catering team struggling with food but for different reason!
  • Sleep – the 1st night away is often a bit difficult – for the Crew this will be our 3rd so we need prayer for sleep different reasons! Prayer for a peaceful and restful sleep would be great.
  • Christmas – that yep that’s right Day 2 at CU!2023 is CHRISTMAS – prayers for joy, fun and that Em & Xana’s Main Event exploring the story of Christmas will be a real blessing to all of the Cast & Crew