Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 4

The end of day 4 sees us reach the halfway point of CU!2022. We are at the odd stage of feeling like we have been here for weeks and like we only just got here!

Day 4 was another good day with a great set of workshops in the morning and time spent exploring the Day 3 evening meeting in our study groups.

The afternoon saw a range of optional workshops including the popular option to just have a bit of time out to relax. We also ran a dance workshop which included traditional dancing folk dances – introduced by members of the Cast and Crew.

The Main Event was led by Mel and Esther and we explored Jesus being betrayed by Judas. Once again the range of creative gifts that were used to explore the passage was great to see.

We ran a couple of options in the evening including various games in the sports hall and drama games outside on the field. Judging by the noises echoing out across the field a LOT of fun was had. I am not sure what the locals thought of the sounds of “splat bang” being called out across the field …

Day 4 – Points for Prayer

  • Reaching the midpoint of the holiday brings together a point where the Cast are more comfortable in their surroundings and everyone is starting to get a bit more tired! This can may some elements more difficult. Prayers for energy and wisdom to deal with the difficult things that may come up would be great.
  • Continued safety around the site.
  • That God would meet with the Cast through the time we have left onsite
  • The God would start preparing the Cast and Crew for the return to “normal” life at the end of CU!2022