Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 3

Day 3 has drawn to a close and its been another great day!

The weather has been great – hot but outside there is a nice breeze. Some of the inside spaces are a bit .. warm .. but we are able to get the doors and windows open to cool things off! Thankfully (for us) there are not very many “buzzy things” flying around so we are not having to make the pay off of fresh air vs insects!

Both the optional and main workshops continue to go really well with lots of fun being had by all!

Our “Main Event” saw Naomi and Mark explore the last supper. It was great to see such a huge range of creative gifts being used to help explore the passage in different ways. Part of the meeting was about exploring what it must have felt like to be at the table as Jesus shared the bread and wine – we all shared (in a covid safe way) bread and 0% alcoholic Wine/Juice/Water. It was a really special time – right up to the point when most folks realised that the 0% alcoholic wine had an … acquired taste ….

The evening saw the 1st of our theme nights! It was a mash up of two of the most popular suggestions from 2019 – so we had a space themed Escape Evening.We set sail on the spaceship and promptly crashed and had to work through a series of fiendishly difficult puzzles. It was great fun and once again the Cast (and Crew) showed some amazingly creative costume ideas!

Day 3 – Points for Prayer

  • Energy for Cast and Crew – rather tellingly there were not many folks down early for breakfast at the start of Day 4
  • That God will continue to work with the Cast and Crew this week
  • Continued safety around the site