CU!2022 – Day Two

Day 2 is (slightly confusingly) our 1st full day at CU! – It has been great to spend a full day together, doing things we haven’t been able to do in person for 3 years and trying out some new things!

The morning saw the start of our main workshops which the cast pick before arriving onsite. This year as we are slightly smaller than normal we are “just” running Musical Theatre, Drama, Visual Arts and Film. They all got off to a great start with the Cast (and Crew) having a great time!

After a drinks break we moved into our 1st Study groups where the Cast got to spend time exploring more about Alex and Beth’s Day 1 Main Event looking at Jesus entering Jerusalem as King.

After lunch we ran out 1st set of “Workshop Extras” – these are one off workshops that the Cast pick at breakfast on the day. Day 2 saw a range of workshops including Dance, VA, Drama Games and Board Games.

We then had the grand opening of the CU! Tuck Shop – which in a sign of how much things have changed since the last time we ran – Some Cast were disappointed we didn’t take cards only cash …

The Day 2 Main Event saw Rach and Tabitha exploring Jesus being anointed at Bethany. The meeting included a time for the cast to come up with their own retelling of the passage but from different perspectives or contexts. The modern day version included a very expensive coffin & car being crashed through a wall – which may have been easier to understand in person …

The evening saw the 1st full run of our revised evening schedule which includes a bit more of a relaxed program designed to let us make use of the sports hall and outside spaces that are in use by other uses of the site during the day. It’s a great time to chillout, play some games and then later on meet in our Study groups for a catch up on how the day has gone and prayer.

Once again we have been blown away by the creativity and range of gifts that the Cast have brought already to CU!2022. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

CU!2022 Day 2 – Points for prayer

  • Safety on site – with more builders and other school users on the site during the week please pray for continued safety as we move around the site.
  • Energy for Cast and Crew – we are definitely through the Day 1 adrenalin rush and even though we know it will be the end of the holiday far too soon – continued energy for Cast and Crew to enable us all to get the most out of this week together would be great.
  • Final preparation for the weeks activities – specifically for the Crew that are working on the activities this week that they haven’t managed to get finished before arriving – or have need adapting for various reasons once we have arrived on site .
  • That God will continue to work in the lives of you Cast (and Crew) this week and that we all will have the week that God intended for us