Curtains Up! 2022 – Day One

We are ON SITE !! – After such a long time it is FANTASTIC to finally be here!!

Today finally saw the official start of Curtains Up! 2022 – The Journey

It’s been a fantastic day! Even though the Cast only arrived on site about 6 hours ago we have somehow packed in a huge about of fun, new things and the return of CU! favorites that have been absent for the past 3 years!

This morning saw the Crew finishing up the second half of our training and preparation for CU!2022, having arrived onsite on saturday morning. Its been great to get together as a Crew in person after so long only catching up in the virtual world. Its also been great to meet some new faces joining us on team for the 1st time – including quite a few that since the last “in-person” have now moved from Cast to Crew. It has been really great spending time with each other and God preparing the the week ahead.

This afternoon saw the arrival of our cast – some were caught up in various travel issues – but thankfully all arrived safely!

We officially started at 4pm and went from that onto our “Main Event” where Alex and Beth helped us explore Jesus entering Jerusalem and King. We had a drama, film and some activities exploring our own Journeys.

Tea arrived quickly a 6pm provided by the excellent catering team here at Luckley House. Very nice Bolognese with optional Bubblegum Ice Cream (not at the same time)

This evening we played some welcome games across the site and have had some great time together in our “Chill Out” time and “Night Lights”

This is the 1st of our planned daily emails for CU!2022 – we really appreciate you prayer support during the week – if you do know someone else who might like to join us in prayer and hearing about what we have been getting up to then do forward this onto them – or they can sign up directly with the link at the bottom of this message.

Day 1 – Points for Prayer

  • Energy for the Crew! – We have a really busy week ahead!.
  • That God will prepare the Cast and help the Crew prepare and plan so that the Cast can have the week that He wants for them.
  • For good health and protection – with so many folks coming across the country (and abroad) the risks are greater