Curtains Up! 2022 – Day 6,7,8

Sorry about the gap in daily update emails. I got slightly swamped for the last 48 hours onsite! Here is a brief summary for the last days at CU!2022:

Day 6

Day 6 was our last “normal” day at CU!2022 – not that many CU! days are “normal”

We had great fun in out last set of workshops getting things ready for the Tech and Dress rehearsals on Day 7. For the Main Event Laura and Skye-Marie helped us explore the resurrection of Jesus. Once again the Cast and Crew showed amazing creativity when as we worked together to look at the passage in different ways.

Day 7

Day 7 is always a bit of a full on day at CU! The morning sees our 1st visit to the Whitty Theatre where we do our 1st tech rehearsal. It’s a time for the technicians to get all of the details in place and for the cast to work out all of the practicalities of where to enter, stand etc

The afternoon we held our dress rehearsal where we run the performance all the way through as if the audience was in. So we keep going even if there are technical issues or other problems!

After a few notes from the workshop leaders we had a break and then went to our final Main event. Em and Lizzie led us through a really special time looking back over what we had been looking at during the week during the Main Events and looking forwards to heading home tomorrow. Once again Sam and Franziska led us in some great sung worship to wrap up the meeting.

The evening was the final theme night of CU!2022 and saw the return of the very popular Worldovision – which is the CU! version of Eurovision.
All week the Cast and Crew have been putting together their video entries for this evenings event. They certainly did not disappoint! The interval act saw all of the Cast and Crew join in some traditional Bavarian Folk dancing and then we all came back together for the results… Despite some apparent technical issues with Cast members suffering some big satellite delays (from one side of the room to the other…) we finally crowned Sweden the winners of Worldovision22. A very popular aftershow party saw the cast and crew dancing into the wee small hours …. or … 9:15pm as we call it at CU! ….

Day 8

The End … for now …

A busy day of packing, cleaning and saying our goodbyes … oh and the small matter of our final performance!

It was great to be able to welcome the friends and families of our Cast into the Whitty theatre and give them just a small glimpse into the amazing week we have spent together.