CU!2017 – One Shot Music Video

Well here it is – we have managed to drag the files from the computer where we left them and get them uploaded!

For those that haven’t seen one of these before… This video was planned and filmed in under an hour!

There are also no edits in it!

This year had the additional pressure of the weather RAPIDLY closing in. We also made the decision to try and cover as much of the site as possible during the video!

Normally we will rehearse the various sections a couple of times and then do 2-3 takes. This year we didn’t have that luxury – the cast devised this whole video, had one rehearsal of each section and then did this take. We did manage a second take before the clouds closed in but that one wasn’t as good as this one.

We think they did a fantastic job! From start to finish in about 45 minutes – thats a new CU! record I think!