CU!2017 – Day 5

This post was written on Wednesday evening but we didn’t get internet access till Thursday morning!


Yep that’s right ! Day 5 at CU!17 is CHRISTMAS DAY!!

What a day it’s been!!

The morning started with the cast discovering what treats had been left for them in their stockings/socks .. amazingly even those that chose to leave dirty socks still got presents – I think there might be a sermon point there somewhere …

Anyway the rest of today has been PACKED with crazy amounts of Christmas fun! We had Christmas music at mealtimes, Christmas themed workshops even a Christmas carol service in the afternoon! The fun continued with Christmas team games and then the much hyped CU!2017 Christmas PANTO! OH yes we did !!! We even had an awesome full Christmas dinner with crackers and table decorations served up by the awesome catering team here at Rendcomb.

The evening meeting was looking at the story of the lost son. After an introduction of videos and drama from our crack in-house production team we broke off into groups to explore the story more using our gifts in creative arts.

It’s been another fantastic day here at CU!17 – the weather has been a bit damp but it isn’t spoiling things ! Yesterday we did our legendary one shot music video – with the added pressure of a massive black cloud approaching !! Nothing like a bit of pressure added on top of one of the most manic hour of CU!

Points for prayer:

  1. The great conversations and relationships will continue to develop.
  2. The Cast and Crew will continue to have enough energy not to just “survive” to the end of the week but to really get 100% out of the time we have left.
  3. That God will continue to work and guide us all on a path closer to Him.

Thanks for your continued support

Matt + the CU!17 Cast and Crew.