CU!2017 – Day 4 – Brief Update

Well the internet access and the general crazy-ness of CU!2017 has meant that there has been a slightly longer delay between updates! Sorry about that !

Things are going really well here at CU!17. The weather has been a bit .. wet .. But it only affects us when we are moving in between blocks and has mainly just been short showers followed by sunshine.

We had our 1st theme night last night “London Underground Night” there were some fantastically creative costumes and some very entertaining Underground themed games!

The evening meetings have been going really well. The Crew leading them are coming up with some really creative ways to explore the topics.

The Cast are having a great time in the beautiful surrounding’s of Rendcomb!

We cant quite believe that we are already at Day  4 !! It seems to be going past so quickly – and also we seem to have been here forever! In a good way!

Points for prayer:

  • That the weather will not spoil the rest of the week here
  • That the Cast and Crew continue to have the energy to enjoy everything CU! has to offer
  • That God continues to work and meet with everyone on site and we give Him the time we need to spend with him.
  • That te crew wl have the wisdom to know when to reach for that extra cup of coffee or head for a snooze!

Thanks for your support – Sorry about the delays between updates

Matt (and the CU! Team)