Day 4 and a relaxing day 5 …

Well day 4 is a bit if a blur – we have reached the stage in the week where we refer to the day by its number I think today ( day 5) is Wednesday ….

Day 4 was another great day – fantastic weather and some really great fun being had in the workshops . In the afternoon we had a whole camp workshop run by Charlie ( who some of you may remember from crew in previous years)  The workshop was based arround looking at using our skills for God .

The evening was a fun but challenging meeting looking at how do we stand up for God at school.


A slightly early night followed to help combat the mid camp blues!

Today ( day 5 ) is a quieter day – we are spending the afternoon in cheltenham followed by a BBQ back on site

Points for prayer – that God will continue to speak clearly to all on site and that we will all take time to listen