Day 3 – spaced out

Day 3 was a bit busy!  So apologies for the lack of blog! 

It was a great day yesterday – more fantastic weather, great workshops and study groups!

Once again swimming proved popular!  But the maddest part of the day was definitely the “space” theme night …

The cast had a lot of fun building their space buggys ahead of the launch of their missions ..  the missions included,  balloons, coke, sweets, mushy peas, wet sponges a number of crew armed with water pistols …. it was great fun!  But I do wonder if the Crew with water pistols had too much fun …

The evening meeting was led by Helen,  Graham and Francesca – we were looking at choosing to follow Gods path rather than the one we chose. This was well illustrated with some wise words from Helen,  an excellent sketch and some great stories from 2 of our crew.

Points for prayer –
As we head into the middle of the week please pray for energy for the cast and crew – and for us all to make best use of the time we have left here in this wonderful place called Curtains Up!