CU!2018 – Day 0

As I write this day Day 0 here at CU!18 is abut to come to an end – this is the day the Crew arrive and start getting the site and ourselves ready to run another fantastic year!

When we picked ” All Change” as the theme for this year I have to be honest the weather wasn’t one of the things we were anticipating to change – especially quite so dramatically!

We have had blazing sunshine, grey clouds, lights rain and full on thunderstorms leaving enough  hail behind that even a few hours later it looks like parts of the site have small piles of snow! That’s just today !!

But it has been a great day spending time together as a team learning more about the practical details of ho this years CU! will work – but also spending time with God to make sure we are ready to run the holiday He wants us to run.

Points for prayer

1 – Weather. The rain is refreshing … but the practical side of the holiday especially when the Cast arrive gets a bit more complicated !

2 – The Site. Obviously being on a new site this year brings new challenges –  prayer for swift answers to our outstanding questions would be great!

3 – Travel. Sunday sees the Cast making their way from all over the country to drop the Cast off. Prayers for safe and stress free travel would be great !

Thanks again for your support!

Matt (and the CU!18 team)